Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Top 5 bloggers of the week

Hey everyone :)

So here are my top 5 bloggers of the week :) These are blogs I thoroughly enjoy reading and I actually learn so much from these amazing ladies :) So go check them all out :D 


This is the stunning Stephanie from Snappedup.ie blog, this girl is such an inspiration to many women around the country!! Stephanie had a massive weight loss of 5 stone and maintains it by healthy eating and exercising which shes shares tips, recipes and even shopping lists on her blog very regularly. She looks amazing and all the hard work has certainly paid off for her! So not only is she a lifestyle blogger, Stephanie is also a fab fashion and beauty blogger too, her style is so girly and sophisticated, I want her wardrobe (and figure :) ) She also has any girls dream job and works for Cocoa Brown!! Stephanie is so helpful too so any questions you may have about fashion, beauty and weight loss and lifestyle,don't hesitate to ask her, she is always willing to help others, which in my opinion is the best trait a person can have :) So check out Stephanie's links to all her social media platforms below and go say hi :) 

SNAPCHAT: @StephanieOQ

Behind Green Eyes

Here is Sharon Leavy from Behind Green eyes Blog. When I think of Sharon a few words come to mind, funny, genuine, original, kind, great mammy, twins and hates fake products :D Sharon is a midlander girl like myself and has an amazing blog where she shares her love of beauty, lifestyle and also writes about her favourite books too which is quite refreshing! She's a fabulous cook too and shares lots of recipes on the blog too :)  I follow Sharon's blog on a daily basis through snapchat and I always enjoy her snaps due to her sense of humor and also her creativity! She is extremely creative when it comes to arts and crafts and also nail art and make up too! She has 3 lovely boys, 2 of which are twins, which I must praise you for, I find it hard with one so Kudos to you girl :D So check out Sharon's social media platforms below :) 

SNAPCHAT: @SharonLeavy

Passions And Preening

Here is Alison from Passions And Preening!! Alison is one of the nicest girls I have yet to meet! We have met through blogging and have chatted over social media but in 2016 we may meet up girl!! She has the biggest heart and is just such a lovely girl! Alison is a fab beauty blogger and has some gorgeous posts over on the blog :) She also writes abut her anxiety too which is great as its nice to know you're not the only one to suffer. She shares some very helpful tips on how she deals with it and how she battles it on a daily basis. I follow Alison on snap chat daily so you can really get a look in to her life :) She has some amazing competitions going on this time of year too which are more than generous so check out her social media platforms below so you can enter to be in with a chance of winning some fab goodies :D 

SNAPCHAT: @Alison2603


Here is Ciara from Food, Fashion and the Fight blog. This lady is truly an inspiration. She has been through so so much including her battle with cancer. She is so strong and even to be able to blog about it proves her strenght greatly. She openly writes about her illness and its just so great to see her health progress in the posts. Her blog also contains some amazing fashion and beauty tips along with delicious recipes. She is a beaitiful gitl inside and out and I want to wish her all the best for her bright future ahead. So go over and check out Ciara's social media sites below :) 

SNAPCHAT: Ciara Brickley


Last but not least are these 2 beauties!!! Thee girls are like my make up goddesses!!! They are unbelievably amazing make up artists and give such good tutorials and hints and tips! They have me broke with all their beauty recommendations, but they also find some amazing bargains too which helps the funds a lot!!! They are also the ambassadors for the amazingVibtage Cosetic company products , I actually met Jen and Ciara for the first time at the Vintage Cosmetics company launch night back in September and I actually felt a little star struck :D The girls have their own make up studio and do classes through out the year :) Head on over and check these ladies out, but be warned you will want ALL the make up :D 

SNAPCHAT: Mate To M|etallic

So there you go, there are my top 5 bloggers of the week! Do you follow these ladies already? I hope you enjoy these new blogs to follow and learn just as much from them as I have :) :)

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  1. Aww I am honoured to be in great company with these amazing ladies. Thanks loads huni and for sure we are meeting this year! !!

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely kind words, Grainne! That's lovely, thank you xxx