Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Top 5 bloggers of the week

Hey everyone :)

So here are my top 5 bloggers of the week :) These are blogs I thoroughly enjoy reading and I actually learn so much from these amazing ladies :) So go check them all out :D 


This is the stunning Stephanie from Snappedup.ie blog, this girl is such an inspiration to many women around the country!! Stephanie had a massive weight loss of 5 stone and maintains it by healthy eating and exercising which shes shares tips, recipes and even shopping lists on her blog very regularly. She looks amazing and all the hard work has certainly paid off for her! So not only is she a lifestyle blogger, Stephanie is also a fab fashion and beauty blogger too, her style is so girly and sophisticated, I want her wardrobe (and figure :) ) She also has any girls dream job and works for Cocoa Brown!! Stephanie is so helpful too so any questions you may have about fashion, beauty and weight loss and lifestyle,don't hesitate to ask her, she is always willing to help others, which in my opinion is the best trait a person can have :) So check out Stephanie's links to all her social media platforms below and go say hi :) 

SNAPCHAT: @StephanieOQ

Behind Green Eyes

Here is Sharon Leavy from Behind Green eyes Blog. When I think of Sharon a few words come to mind, funny, genuine, original, kind, great mammy, twins and hates fake products :D Sharon is a midlander girl like myself and has an amazing blog where she shares her love of beauty, lifestyle and also writes about her favourite books too which is quite refreshing! She's a fabulous cook too and shares lots of recipes on the blog too :)  I follow Sharon's blog on a daily basis through snapchat and I always enjoy her snaps due to her sense of humor and also her creativity! She is extremely creative when it comes to arts and crafts and also nail art and make up too! She has 3 lovely boys, 2 of which are twins, which I must praise you for, I find it hard with one so Kudos to you girl :D So check out Sharon's social media platforms below :) 

SNAPCHAT: @SharonLeavy

Passions And Preening

Here is Alison from Passions And Preening!! Alison is one of the nicest girls I have yet to meet! We have met through blogging and have chatted over social media but in 2016 we may meet up girl!! She has the biggest heart and is just such a lovely girl! Alison is a fab beauty blogger and has some gorgeous posts over on the blog :) She also writes abut her anxiety too which is great as its nice to know you're not the only one to suffer. She shares some very helpful tips on how she deals with it and how she battles it on a daily basis. I follow Alison on snap chat daily so you can really get a look in to her life :) She has some amazing competitions going on this time of year too which are more than generous so check out her social media platforms below so you can enter to be in with a chance of winning some fab goodies :D 

SNAPCHAT: @Alison2603


Here is Ciara from Food, Fashion and the Fight blog. This lady is truly an inspiration. She has been through so so much including her battle with cancer. She is so strong and even to be able to blog about it proves her strenght greatly. She openly writes about her illness and its just so great to see her health progress in the posts. Her blog also contains some amazing fashion and beauty tips along with delicious recipes. She is a beaitiful gitl inside and out and I want to wish her all the best for her bright future ahead. So go over and check out Ciara's social media sites below :) 

SNAPCHAT: Ciara Brickley


Last but not least are these 2 beauties!!! Thee girls are like my make up goddesses!!! They are unbelievably amazing make up artists and give such good tutorials and hints and tips! They have me broke with all their beauty recommendations, but they also find some amazing bargains too which helps the funds a lot!!! They are also the ambassadors for the amazingVibtage Cosetic company products , I actually met Jen and Ciara for the first time at the Vintage Cosmetics company launch night back in September and I actually felt a little star struck :D The girls have their own make up studio and do classes through out the year :) Head on over and check these ladies out, but be warned you will want ALL the make up :D 

SNAPCHAT: Mate To M|etallic

So there you go, there are my top 5 bloggers of the week! Do you follow these ladies already? I hope you enjoy these new blogs to follow and learn just as much from them as I have :) :)

Thanks for reading
Until next time

Lots of Love

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Ultra Pure Review

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog:) It feels like ages since I have blogged and especially a product review blog post!!! I need to get my act together and get back on the blogging wagon!!! No better way to get back on it than with these amazing products I was so kindly sent by Ultra Pure. 

Who are Ultra Pure? 

So for many of you who may not have heard of Ultra Pure before they are an Irish company based in Co, Mayo, they have been around for over 15 years and have produced top quality,  natural skin care and body care products including oils, creams and gels. 
You can purchase these products in most pharmacies nationwide and the UK. Pharmacies including Ryan's Pharmacy in Edenderry :) 

So I was kindly sent these products to try out. I was kind of familiar with the products name, however I had never actually tried them so I was quite apprehensive as to how I would find them. I have to say I have fallen in love with these toners!!! I would suffer with dry to combination skin with breakouts at certain times of the month which are a total pain!!! I have found since using the Rose water in particular has completely balanced out my skin and I am not breaking out half as much as I had been previous. 

So the products I so kindly received are the following: Witch Hazel toner, Witch Hazel and Rose water toner, Rose Water toner and Rose water and Glycerine toner. I will give a description of each product below and what their properties are. 

What is Rose Water ?

Rose Water has been used for centuries 
for skin care and even medicinal purposes. It is a completely natural antiseptic and also contains an astringent called phenyl ethonone meaning it reduces inflammation and irritation of the skin. It can be used to balance the PH of the skin meaning it will balance out the appearance of the skin if you are prone to acne or blemishes. 

Rose water and Glycerine 

So these 2 ingredients combined together are beneficial for both skin and hair!! Don't you just love a multi use product :) It cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving it feeling clean, soft and refreshed . There is a very delicate scent from the rose petals  too which just tops it off :) You can also use this product as a facial cleanser and can make a face mask from its ingredient too :)  I really do love this one in particular as it just soothes my skin so much, I use it every day and night after cleansing my skin and I can really feel and see the difference myself. 

What is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel is an astringent produced from the leaves and bark of the witch hazel shrub. These products are 100% pure and natural. The plant extract was used for medicinal purposes for years and years and today can be found in majority skin care products, particularly in toners.  Like the Rose water products, 

Witch Hazel and Rose Water 

So this toner can be used on all skin types. Again all of these toners are suitable for the most sensitive skin including skin which may be prone to eczema or acne. This one is extremely soothing, refreshing and leaves the skin feeling toned. 

So overall I was 100% impressed with these products and would definitely recommend  them to anyone! Espcially someone who may be prone to skin condition s or sensitive skin. 

Have you tried any of these products? IF so please do share in the comments or on any of my social media links below :) 

I want to say a massive thank you to ITWBN for this amazing collaboration with Ultra Pure and also to Ultra Pure company too for the fantastic opportunity to try these products :) You can find ITWBN on the following social media platfroms, you should most definitely go check them out they're fab!!! 

You can also find Ultra Pure online too here. Their website is full of information about the amazing products they produce :) 

Thank you all so much for reading and I won't leave it as long to blog again I promise :D 

Until next time 
Lots of Love 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Top 5 Bloggers Of the week :)

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! I hope your week is going well so far, Seen as this is my first blog post since Friday the 13th  I just want to take this opportunity to share my condolences with all the innocent victims who so devastatingly lost their lives from an act of terrorism and also the earthquakes and hurricanes which also claimed so many lives. It's a very scary world we live in and I just hope it stops before it gets worse. RIP to them all xx #standuptoterrorism 

So here are my top 5 bloggers of the week :) 

It's All G


So first up the fab Grace from It's All G! Grace is a stunning girl inside and out, her blog is so girly, fun and informative. She always has amazing posts on products I too enjoy ! She's also a great one for the dupes and you can find these in some blog posts too :) She's such a happy go lucky kinda girl and so helpful. So happy to have come across Grace's blog and Grace herself she is a great blogger friend :D So head on over and follow Grace on her sites linked below :D 

Snapchat: itsallg_blog
Blog: http://www.itsallgblog.com/

A Judge Less Life 

Ah my good oul gal pal Bebhinn!! Bev and I went to our very first event together to the Irish Beauty Show and we hit it off straight away!! She is a gem! Such a kind thoughtful friend who would do anything for anyone! Her blog is so on point and her style of writing is so professional and informative, she does not slack!!!  Her html skills are unbelievable!! She has helped me learn loads already!! But I still cry for help all the time :P We have had the lols many a times at different events and am so lucky to have such a nice friend to share these events with! Go check out all her links below :D 

Snapchat: Bubblegumbev
Blog: http://ajudgelesslife.blogspot.ie/

Make up and Messes 

Ahhhh Heyaaaaa!!! So this is Jacinta AKA Cint and we are obsessed with James Patrice!!! A fellow Offaly blogger who I just recently found as we were having the lols on twitter with James Kavanagh!! Another beauty/make up obsessed lover like myself we instantly clicked and made friends with no questions asked! She is a fab girl with a huge heart! I love Cint's blog mainly because there;s no shite with her, what you see is what you get :D So head on over and check her out below :D

Snapchat: MakeupandMesses





This girl is a true trooper and a huge inspiration! She has been through a huge ordeal in her life and has come out the other side with such a positive attitude and out look and I honestly truly admire her for her strength and fight. She's only a young girl but she has such a wise head on those young shoulders and she certainly lives life to the fullest! Rachael is currently studying Beauty Therapy and I can see her going very far with a career in beauty in the future, you just need to check out her own make up to see she is a natural!! So head on over and check out her blog and social media pages, you will enjoy Rachael's Blog I can guarantee you :D

Snapchat: Rachbags
Blog: http://www.rachsbeautique.com/ 

Life and Style Of Jen 

If you have a sense of humor and love to have a laugh then you need to check out this gem!! This is Jennifer Devitt from The Life and Style of Jen and I can tell you now this gal makes me have a giggle on a daily basis! She is a very down to earth funny girl! She is so friendly too and always has the nicest clothes plus the figure to wear them all too!! (wagon :D :D ) If you don't follow Jen already I highly recommend that you  do! You won't regret it ! Her eyeliner is always on point too!!! 

Snapchat: Jenniferdevitt
Blog: http://thelifeandstyleofjen.blogspot.ie

So there you go, they are my top 5 bloggers of the week! I'm so sorry for the delay on this post!!!! I have just had the busiest week ever but I will be posting this kind of post every week until I run out of blogs..... So probably won't ever end !! :D Anyways I hope you all enjoyed reading and get to know these lovely bloggers too! They are such nice ladies so definitely check them out!! :D

Thanks for reading
Until next time

Lots of Love 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Rimmel Glam Eyes eye-shadow Quad - Review

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Hope you're all having a great week so far :D 

So I recently purchased this eyeshadow palette as I was feeling somewhat adventurous and creative and hadn't bought any colour eye shadow palettes in a long time! So when I seen this combo on the Rimmel stand in work in Ryan's Pharmacy I just had to make it mine :) 

I love purples and turquoise/blues on brown eyes, they really make them pop!!!
So this one is Rimmel Glam Eyes quad eye-shadow in 021 State of Grace and it can be purchased from all leading pharmacies nationwide which hold a Rimmel make up stand in store and it costs around €8 :) 

So the eye-shadow quad itself comes with a guide of how to use this eye-shadow which is a massive help and well makes it pretty fool proof for us make up amateurs :P 

So I started off the with the lightest blue shade and applied that all over my eye lid and blended it all out. Then using my Bold Metals 201 Pointed Crease crease brush (Best Brush Ever !!!! )  I applied the darker blue in the crease of my eye and blended that out too. Next using my Real Techniques accent brush I applied the purple shade to the outer corners of my eyes and blended that all out too. It really was that simple! And lastly using the white/silvery shade I used this under the brow bone for highlight and to the inner corners of the eye too. I also brought some of the purple underneath my eye and put a greeny colour gel liner on the water line for a finished look. :)


I really enjoyed doing this look and enjoyed more so that it was so simple! I do however hope to have more time to play around with different eye-shadow looks in the near future! There are some other shades in this range I have my eye on to get too so I will share them all with you too :D 

Have you tried these eye-shadow quads? If so how did you find them? If you haven't would you like to ? let me know in the comments below or on any of my social media sites linked below :D 

Thank you all so much for reading

Until next time
Lots of Love 

Monday, 9 November 2015

My Top 5 Bloggers :)

Hey my lovelies :D How are you all doing? 

So as most of you who follow me on snap chat probably notice how I go through phases of snapping ALOT to only sometimes to never!! I am so not consistent when it comes to snapchat mainly because I'm working now and also it kills my battery so bad!!! But when I'm not snapping I am loving catching up with some fellow bloggers snaps and I thought it would be only fair to share with you who I love to follow! So keep on reading to find out who is in my Top 5 for this week :D  And Don't worry if I haven't mentioned you in this post, I am going to run this type of blog every Monday for the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled :D 


So this is Jen from TooDollyMakeup and she is such a nice down to earth funny girl. She loves Beyonce and does some great miming acts :P Her winged liner and makeup in general is always on point!!! She always has great tips for healthy eating and weight loss and her snaps are always informative and I look forward to seeing what shes gonna post on a daily basis!! Jen is also on you tube and here you will find some amazing make up tutorials!!! Seriously ladies if you haven't checked Jen out then I recommend that you do!!! You will learn a lot!!! I'm gonna leave all her social media links below so don't forget to check her out :)

Snapchat: TooDollyMakeup 

Cuddles and Contouring

Ah my little pal Lisa!!! This girl is so so sweet and a yummy mummy to her 2 little handsome boys Cailan and Dylan! They are just the cutest!! Lisa is an amazing make up artist who recently just started up YouTube too so just want to congratulate her and wish her all the best for YouTube yay :D She is such a sincere girl and gives amazing makeup advice!! Again her makeup is always perfection!! Lisa also has joined slimming world recently so keep an eye out for some healthy tips and tricks on her social media :D  I will leave all links below so go check her out :D 

Snap chat: cuddlesncontour

Chasing Ruby Chat

This is Erin from Chasing Ruby Chat and she is such a gem!! Erin has a YouTube channel also and again some amazing make up tutorials can be found over there :) She is a busy bee these days with college and studies Media studies ( I think that's right) while she works too, attends events and blogs!!! She's an inspiration!! She's a very sincere girl and I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts :D Go check out all her social media sites linked below :D 

Snapchat: Chasingrubychat

Lipstick, glitter and me 

This is Rebecca and again another amazing makeup artist!! Rebecca does some fantastic make up tutorials and product lists on Snap Chat, I could literally watch her do her makeup all day !! She has not yet set YouTube but I am working on convincing her to because I think she would be amazing!! You're bound to find some beauty bargains and beauty tricks too :)  She's such a lovely girl and is also organizing some events in the near future too so keep an eye and ear out on her social media sites for more info!! 

Snap chat: Lipstickglitz

Little Miss Roux

Last but very not least is Fiona from Little Miss Roux :) Fiona is a fashion and beauty blogger from Sligo and has the cutest little girl Teyanna (hope I spelled that right :) !! Her OOTD's are always so nice and stylish!! She always posts some fab outfit inspos which have helped me a lot with putting some outfit ideas together in the past :D She is the Penneys Queen :D She also makes some amazing meals which look so delicious and make me hungry every time haha :D So check out all her social media links below too :D 

Snapchat: little miss roux blog 

So I hoped you all enjoyed reading this post and enjoy these lovely girls blogs as much as I do!! I will post this again every Monday for the next dew weeks so keep an eye out it could be you featured next :D 

Thank you all for reading

Until next time
Lots of Love 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Miss Milly x- Review

Hey everyone!! 
So I haven't done a blog post in over 2 weeks!!! I have been taking a little break from the blogging world just to unclog my mind and get in to a routine with work and stuff! I really missed blogging though so I'm happy to be back posting and I'm very excited about this post today :)

So I was very excited when I was contacted by Miss Milly to review some jewellery for them. I had looked on their website a few times and spotted some gorgeous pieces on it. Check out their website here. When it comes to me and jewellery I really like to keep it simple and funky as much as I possibly can. I can't get away with massive statement pieces, they just don't suit me !! So I was very happy that Miss Milly was right up my street :)

So if you have never heard of this company then you're probably asking yourself "who are they". So Miss Milly are an award winning young and growing brand that began trading in 2012 and have focused on selling to retailers. They are based in the UK, however they source their beautiful pieces from all over the world and spend a lot of quality time picking unique and variations of costume jewellery and accessories to suit everyone for every occasion. They do everything from bracelets to necklaces, rings, scarves, etc.

The pieces I was so kindly given to review were the purple metallic thread bracelet, stud butterfly earrings and stud flower earrings, these came as a pair pack. They also come with a lovely gift box too as seen in the picture below :) 

I fell in love with this bracelet, It is just so my style. I love the deep purple, the magnetic clasp, everything about it! I just love that it is a little bit different. Not the usual every day bracelet. The metallic thread really makes it in to something unique and the colour is just gorgeous! I just love it!! This bracelet costs only £7.50 and can be purchased here 

Next up are these 2 pair of earrings. A butterfly and flower shaped silver studs. I love the simplicity of these earrings. Again I can't wear things that are big and bold as they just don't tend to suit me! So I love these. They are just perfect to wear while working too as they're nice and neat. I haven't taken them out since I got them. I love the butterfly ones as butterflies are kind of my thing, so they have a somewhat personal touch to them too. These cost only £9 and can be bought here 

Here is a look at a few other pieces Miss Milly have to offer :) 

Postage to Ireland is a standard £16.50, however this is due to the website catering mainly for wholesale businesses so for retail orders do not fret, you will be refunded any excess amount paid :) So if you get to the checkout and see this amount for delivery do not panic!!! Also with every purchase you get FREE Gift packaging :) 

Discount?? Yes Please

So Miss Milly has so kindly offered my readers 10% off your order :) How generous is that!! So all you have to do is enter the code TEN in the discount code box of the shopping basket before they go through to checkout. So while Christmas is just around the corner this would be the perfect opportunity to get a special someone in your life a nice unique piece of jewellery for amazing prices :) 

Here are links to all of Miss Milly's social media sites so head on over and check them out :) 





I hope you enjoyed reading! If you are also a fan of Miss Milly and have purchased some of their fab pieces or maybe you have seen something you like since reading this post please do let me know in the comments below or on any of my social media sites linked below :) 

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Miss Milly for your generosity and for giving me the chance to review these beautiful pieces.

Thank you all for reading

Until next time
Lots of love 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Vanish Gold Review

Hey everyone 
Welcome back to my blog :D Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are having a great week so far :) I had a great weekend as my little niece finally came in to world on Friday afternoon and oh my God girls she is amazing!!! She is unbelievably tiny and the most content baby I have ever come across!!! She is so chilled out!! She has my heart already!! 

The Little beauty herself xx 

So I was approached by Vanish to do a review on their products. At first I wasn't very sure how it might link in with the blog until it became very obvious to me that this product is actually something I/ might need in my life more than I realize. Having a make up mad 2 year old and being a make up lover myself  it became very obvious to me how this was going to fit in very well with the blog :) 

So just the other day as I was rushing out the door to see my new little niece Síofra, I had done my make up, lippie and all before I got dressed and of course I managed to smudge most of my lipstick on to my top, don't even ask how because I'm still baffled. I think I might have been calling Lucy while in the process of trying to get dressed. As you can probably tell multi tasking wouldn't be one of my high points, when getting ready to go anywhere anyway!! 

Lisptick on my top 
So I'm getting to the point, I seen a perfect opportunity to really put this product to the test!! Being completely honest I've always been quite skeptical of these kind of products and always have it in my head that they don't work!! Well how wrong was I!! The product I tried and tested was the Vanish Gold Oxi Action powder fabric stain remover.So I rubbed some of the vanish powder on to the stain and let it soak for a bout 20 minutes before putting it in the washing machine along with other bits too. I closed the door and poured some powder in to the drawer and let the machine do the rest of the work. 

So when I took the top out of the machine I was pleasantly surprised that the stain had actually vanished..... pardon the pun!! I was very impressed especially with this particular lipstick as it stays on your lips all day!!!  It was super easy to use and there is a list of directions for different ways of using the product depending o how bad the stain is! :)  Here are so tips on Stain Removal :) 

After :D 

So overall I was very happy with this product and will definitely continue to use it and save my clothes from being thrown out as I had done previous ones... sad times :( 

So the generous people over at Vanish have given me one of their Vanish Gold Oxi Action For Brilliant whites to give away to one lucky reader, this is a great opportunity for someone like me who was very skeptical to give it a go  So to enter this comp all you have to do is comment on my facebook page post (it will be pinned to the top of my page) and I will announce a winner next Wednesday the 21st October :) Good Luck to everyone ! 

Thank you again to the lovely people from Vanish for giving me the opportunity to give this a try! So happy I did now :) 

Hope you enjoyed reading :) 

Until next time
Lots of love