Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My March Favourites :)

Hello my lovelies :) Hope your week is going great so far minus the crazy weather we have been getting lately!! So I have decided I am going to start doing my monthly favourites, so this could be anything from beauty to food :)  I have seen other bloggers do this kind of thing and I really love it as it gives people some new ideas or maybe some bargains too. Every little helps :) So here are my top 5 favourite beauty products from this month. Hope you all enjoy :)

Clarins Everlasting Foundation

I purchased this foundation at the start of the month and I am so happy I did. It is by far one of the best foundations I have ever used. It is super moisturising and a little goes a long way. It gives full coverage and has a nice dewy finish after being applied. It's so easy to apply and doesn't leave any patches or streaks that you can sometimes get with other foundations. I purchased this foundation in Ryan's Pharmacy in Edenderry and it was only €32.50, it seems like a lot but for what you get it is so worth the money and if any of ye know me will know that I do not splash the cash unless I know I'm on to something good. :) 

Sleek Contour&Highlighting blush palette 

This sleek palette I got well before Christmas and it is still going strong, I use it every single day for contour, highlight and blush. It is only €12.99 from Boots its now available in Ryan's Pharmacy in Edenderry too :) the blush is beautiful in the light palette it gives a lovely pink shimmer to your cheeks and the contour and highlight powder create the perfect looks for daytime contour and highlight. I like to use the bronzer part over cream contour for night-time wear :) 

wet'N'wild Brow kit

This is my lifesaver when it comes to shading in my brows!!! I picked up this little beauty in Dunnes Stores in Tullamore ages ago and it is still practically like new!! t was only like €4.99 or so and it is fool proof!! I am obsessed with how my eyebrows look and have been since I can remember lol! I just find this kit so easy to use, you get your dark brown, light brown and highlight cream in this little kit along with a nice little brush and if you pull out the side you get a lovely little mirror too. It's nice and compact to so you can throw it in to the handbag and not even know its there :)  you can in the picture below I am actually wearing this brow kit, it creates a natural brow and just fills in the gaps where needed :) 

 Essence Cinderella Collection Highlighter 

I am loving the Cinderella collections!!! Cinderella is probably one of my favourite Disney movies ever so I am Trés excited about these pieces. This highlighter is one of my favourite products from the Essence Cinderella collection. It is a beautiful light pink colour and highlights your cheek bones brow bones and collar bones just perfectly. I use it after I have all my make up done I get a light brush and just put a small bit on the areas mentioned above. It is just beautiful and it is only €4.09 from Ryan's Pharmacy  and selected pharmacies nationwide. They also sell Essence in selected Penneys and Dunnes Stores too. 

Beter Foundation brush 

This brush though!!!!! Girls if you're like me and practically are running around the house in the mornings with one hand trying to do make up and the other dressing your little one or dressing yourself then this brush is for you :) It is super soft and blends your foundation to perfection even when your not looking !! I got this in Ryan's Pharmacy a while ago and it was only €9.99, I was so impressed with it that I even bought one for my sister in law Elaine for her birthday. Ryan's Pharmacy in Edenderry have a wide range of these Beter brushes and I am slowly but surely filling up my collection of them, they are so reasonably priced and are fantastic. 

So there are my top 5 beauty products/accessories for March :) I hope you all enjoyed reading. IF you use any of these pieces please do share your thoughts too :) I'll be looking forward to hearing what you think of them too :)

Thanks for reading everyone :)

Until next time
x Lots of love x

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Monday, 30 March 2015

yummy low fat strawberry cheese cake recipe

Hey everyone :) So last week my mam and I had a brainwave and decided to make my lovely sister in law Elaine a birthday cake. So we settled on strawberry cheesecake..who doesn;'t love a nice cheesecake right? So seen as we done such a good job and it was the most delicious cheesecake I had ever tasted (ever so modest) I just had to share the recipe with you all. It is so easy to make. I'll pop the ingredients and method below and I will also do up a price list too of the products used, I used all Tesco brand mostly and it was not costly at all. :) 



  1. 225g low fat digestive biscuits
  2. 100g low fat butter
Cheese cake Topping

  1. 1 packet sugar-free strawberry jelly
  2. 150 ml boiling water
  3. 450g low fat cream cheese 
  4. 150g caster sugar 
  5. 100 ml skimmed/low fat milk
  6. 100 ml low fat whipping cream 


  1. To start off, put the biscuits into a sealable bag and crush them up into tiny crumbs, make sure there are no big chunks. I used a rolling pin to crush them. Then put the  strawberry jelly in 150 ml of boiling water, leave this to cool. Now, for the Base, melt the butter in a pan and pour in the crushed biscuits. Mix all of this together so that all of the biscuits get covered in melted butter. Put all of this into the cake tin and flatten it down evenly. You want to compact the biscuit layer as much as possible so maybe use a small pot to flatten the mix. Leave this to one side until later.
  2. Next,we do the Cheesecake filling. So  put the cream cheese into a mixing bowl and beat it until its nice and smooth. Then, beat in the caster sugar. Add the milk and the dissolved and cooled jelly. Mix the liquids in but you want to try and avoid any lumps so maybe use a hand blender/mixer on a low speed. That said, you don't want too many bubbles either, so do keep it on a low speed. Finally, fold in the cream. Pour this into the cake tin, on top of the prepared crumb base. Pour slowly to avoid air bubbles! Chill in the fridge for a few hours, until completely set

  3. Leave it in the fridge over night if possible as once it is completely set it tastes and looks so much better than just a couple of hours in the fridge. You can decorate the cake whichever way you prefer. We were in such a rush we never had time to decorate it, however if I did have time I would have made a nice strawberry presentation on top. 

How I would have liked it to turn out 

The finished product

Products Prices

Tesco Value Low fat digestive biscuits €0.69
Tesco low fat butter €1.29

Hartley's sugar free jelly €0.98

Tesco healthy living extra light soft cheese €1.49

Tesco Caster Sugar €0.98

Tesco Light Slim milk €0.85

Light Avonmore cream €1.99

Total price : €8.27 for a delicious home made, low fat strawberry cheesecake :) 

Hope you all enjoyed reading and if you decide to make this dessert be sure to let me know on any of the links below :) 

Thanks for stopping by :)

x Lots of love x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Forever living products from Cullentra Health and Wellness - Review.

Hi everyone :) weclome back to my blog :) So as most of you know I was lucky enough to receive some amazing skin care products from Sinead Bagnell Murray  from Forever Living to review. I got a face mask, face mask activator, Aloe Cleanser,  Rehydrating toner, Recovering Night cream and Firming Day cream. All these skin care products are for all skin types :) So Forever living is an Aloe Vera based company. All the products are completely natural and contain no chemicals. Any ingredients which may look like chemicals are only naturally resourced ones. They smell beautiful too, not strong scented at all and perfect for sensitive skin. They do everything from skin care to weight loss. They even do products for animals. Sinead was extremely helpful with any questions I had and eas so confident in her knowledge of the product. I was very impressed. She is also such a lovely and friendly girl too which is key for when you are selling. She is fantastic to deal with and if you are interested in any products after reading then pm her on her face book page here Cullentra Health and Wellness and her shop is Sinead Murray - My forever Biz store

Mask powder and Aloe Activator 

This is one of the best face masks I have ever used in my life!!! Seriously girls it is unreal!! so it is in powder form and you take a teaspoon of it and a teaspoon of the activator (which is a liquid) and you mix the two together to form a paste like substance. Using a foundation brush I brushed it on to my face starting from the inside out avoiding the eye area. It hardens on your skin and is the craziest sensation ever. So when it hardens you just sit back read a magazine or a book and just chill out 
 for 30 minutes until you can then rinse with warm water and a face cloth. It comes off so easily and leaves you with tighter,  reduced fine lines/wrinkles and softer skin. You get 10 applications from this face mask, using it 3 times a week at the start then once a week from there. I have used this 3 times this week and already see a huge difference in my skin. I would normally have a lot of fine lines around my eyes and they have reduced rapidly since using this. The activator can actually be used for sore throats, conjunctivitis and earaches too. Amazing little bottle of magic :)

What the powder looks like, Pretty in pink :)
mixed together with the activator

Myself wearing the face mask :) 

Aloe Cleanser 

 So next up we have the Aloe Cleanser. This is unbelievably good. It leaves your skin free from make u, dirt and impurities. your skin feels so fresh and clean after using it. It has a lovely smell off it too which is something I always check, I can;t stand strong smelling cleansing products but this one literally smells natural and your skin is left healthy and cleansed after usage. I have used this day and night for the past week and have noticed a huge difference in my skin, I was having breakouts and they have reduced also my skin has not been as dry as it would normally be. A little bit goes along way with all these products, This also removes eye make up too even on the most sensitive eyes, 

Rehydrating Toner 

This is the best facial toner I have ever used. It is so refreshing and hydrating and just leaves your skin feeling so soft and rehydrated, IT is AMAZING!!! Again I have been using this day and night for the past week and my skin just feels so new (bit corny but its true). It does't have a strong smell at all and is completely natural. My make up after using these products has been going on so nicely and for the forst time ina  long time I'm actually quite liking the look of my skin which in return makes me feel great :) Again girls remember a little goes along way. You don't need a lot of product for it to work.

Firming day lotion and Recovering night cream

Last but not least the Firming Day lotion and the recovering night cream. Both incredible products. I have used so many creams for dry skin and I notice how those creams literally just deal with the problem when I have it but they don't keep it at bay but that is what I noticed with both of these my skin is not half as dry as it had been after using these, My skin feels refreshed, awake, soft and rehydrated. It also feels tighter and a bit more together, 

I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with these skin care products. I love that they are completely natural and chemical free. I will definitely think twice about using chemical infused products again and I will be sure to and would encourage you all to read ingredients on products too before purchasing. These particular products are so affordable too, they're not crazy prices at all which is another plus too :) 

Price list for the products used

  1. Mask powder €19.20
  2. Aloe Activator €13,48
  3. Rehydrating Toner €13.48
  4. Aloe Cleanser €13.48
  5. Firming Day Lotion €21.03
  6. Recovering night cream €29.50 

Thank you all so much for reading
If you have any questions about the products please do not hesitate to contact me on any of the links below or my email . You can also contact Sinead here 

Hope you enjoyed my review :) 
Until next time 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Just For Eve Bridal accessories

Just For Eve

Hello everyone :) I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!! :)
So I am wedding obsessed these days, with 2 weddings last year, one being my cousins and another being one of my best friends and now I have another best friends this year and another, which  I am honoured to be bridesmaids for another best friend for next April too, I have been doing some research on wedding accessories. I came across this page Just For Eve online and fell in love with some of their lovely unique pieces. 

Just For Eve are a UK based company where you can buy from their online shop.They also ship to outside the U.K :)  They offer a range of bridal accessories including wedding bridal garters and bespoke knickers. They use the finest and best quality satins, silks, tulles, ribbons, laces, freshwater pearls and diamanté embellishments to create the perfect vintage looking garments. they can be personalised too which makes them that little bit more special and can be put away as a sentimental gift from your special day. There are a wide range of bridal garters, bespoke knickers and bridal robes to choose from. Please see pictures below. The best thing about these pieces are that they are very different and nt your usual contemporary style and the fact they can personalised to what you want on them makes them a beautiful keepsake. 

Bespoke personalised bridal silk robe £59

Bespoke knickers for bridesmaid £34
Embroidered in blue Bespoke Mrs knicker  £34
Something new and blue. Romance bridal garter £30
Diamanté sweet pea bridal garter £34
Please follow the link to have a look at the online store of these beautiful unique vintage pieces. http://www.justforeve.co.uk 
You can also contact Ali through email here justforeve@live.co.uk

The Lovely Ali Simmons herself is only happy to answer any enquiries or any questions you may have about these beautiful bridal accessories. 

I hope you all emjoyed reading :)
Thank you
See you all soon
Lots of love