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Forever living products from Cullentra Health and Wellness - Review.

Hi everyone :) weclome back to my blog :) So as most of you know I was lucky enough to receive some amazing skin care products from Sinead Bagnell Murray  from Forever Living to review. I got a face mask, face mask activator, Aloe Cleanser,  Rehydrating toner, Recovering Night cream and Firming Day cream. All these skin care products are for all skin types :) So Forever living is an Aloe Vera based company. All the products are completely natural and contain no chemicals. Any ingredients which may look like chemicals are only naturally resourced ones. They smell beautiful too, not strong scented at all and perfect for sensitive skin. They do everything from skin care to weight loss. They even do products for animals. Sinead was extremely helpful with any questions I had and eas so confident in her knowledge of the product. I was very impressed. She is also such a lovely and friendly girl too which is key for when you are selling. She is fantastic to deal with and if you are interested in any products after reading then pm her on her face book page here Cullentra Health and Wellness and her shop is Sinead Murray - My forever Biz store

Mask powder and Aloe Activator 

This is one of the best face masks I have ever used in my life!!! Seriously girls it is unreal!! so it is in powder form and you take a teaspoon of it and a teaspoon of the activator (which is a liquid) and you mix the two together to form a paste like substance. Using a foundation brush I brushed it on to my face starting from the inside out avoiding the eye area. It hardens on your skin and is the craziest sensation ever. So when it hardens you just sit back read a magazine or a book and just chill out 
 for 30 minutes until you can then rinse with warm water and a face cloth. It comes off so easily and leaves you with tighter,  reduced fine lines/wrinkles and softer skin. You get 10 applications from this face mask, using it 3 times a week at the start then once a week from there. I have used this 3 times this week and already see a huge difference in my skin. I would normally have a lot of fine lines around my eyes and they have reduced rapidly since using this. The activator can actually be used for sore throats, conjunctivitis and earaches too. Amazing little bottle of magic :)

What the powder looks like, Pretty in pink :)
mixed together with the activator

Myself wearing the face mask :) 

Aloe Cleanser 

 So next up we have the Aloe Cleanser. This is unbelievably good. It leaves your skin free from make u, dirt and impurities. your skin feels so fresh and clean after using it. It has a lovely smell off it too which is something I always check, I can;t stand strong smelling cleansing products but this one literally smells natural and your skin is left healthy and cleansed after usage. I have used this day and night for the past week and have noticed a huge difference in my skin, I was having breakouts and they have reduced also my skin has not been as dry as it would normally be. A little bit goes along way with all these products, This also removes eye make up too even on the most sensitive eyes, 

Rehydrating Toner 

This is the best facial toner I have ever used. It is so refreshing and hydrating and just leaves your skin feeling so soft and rehydrated, IT is AMAZING!!! Again I have been using this day and night for the past week and my skin just feels so new (bit corny but its true). It does't have a strong smell at all and is completely natural. My make up after using these products has been going on so nicely and for the forst time ina  long time I'm actually quite liking the look of my skin which in return makes me feel great :) Again girls remember a little goes along way. You don't need a lot of product for it to work.

Firming day lotion and Recovering night cream

Last but not least the Firming Day lotion and the recovering night cream. Both incredible products. I have used so many creams for dry skin and I notice how those creams literally just deal with the problem when I have it but they don't keep it at bay but that is what I noticed with both of these my skin is not half as dry as it had been after using these, My skin feels refreshed, awake, soft and rehydrated. It also feels tighter and a bit more together, 

I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with these skin care products. I love that they are completely natural and chemical free. I will definitely think twice about using chemical infused products again and I will be sure to and would encourage you all to read ingredients on products too before purchasing. These particular products are so affordable too, they're not crazy prices at all which is another plus too :) 

Price list for the products used

  1. Mask powder €19.20
  2. Aloe Activator €13,48
  3. Rehydrating Toner €13.48
  4. Aloe Cleanser €13.48
  5. Firming Day Lotion €21.03
  6. Recovering night cream €29.50 

Thank you all so much for reading
If you have any questions about the products please do not hesitate to contact me on any of the links below or my email . You can also contact Sinead here 

Hope you enjoyed my review :) 
Until next time 

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