Friday, 20 March 2015

Babydoll Cosmetics Tan Goddess - Review

Hey all :) I hope You're all having a lovely Friday and have some nice plans for the weekend! Did everyone see the eclipse this morning? It was a little cloudy where I was but I got a glimpse at it for a few minutes while the clouds so kindly moved aside :) It was quite astonishing to say the least :) 

So moving on :) Here is my review on the Babydoll Cosmetics Goddess Tan. Babydoll Cosmetics is an Irish based company and was set up in April 2011 by the Fairbrother family from Celbridge, Co. Kildare.  This tan is AMAZING stuff and if you have not tried it I would definitely recommend that you purchase it the next time you're looking for a good instant stay on tan :) So it comes in a 200 ml pink bottle, it smells like coconut, has the directions and ingredients on the back  and is only €9.99. You can purchase this tan in 2 shades medium and dark, the one I used was medium as I don't like my tan overly dark.  It comes with a pump on top which is so good because you don't over use the product. After you shake the bottle well  and pump out some tan on to the tanning mitt it forms in to a mousse like substance and has a light brown colour to it so you can see where you're putting it on. It blends so evenly on to your skin and does not leave any streak marks at all. I put mine on my legs yesterday morning as they were embarrassingly transparent and the difference just one application made was unreal.This tan develops more every hour so I left it on all day and I showered this morning and was amazed to find that it barely faded and isn't at all streaky, I love the colour its at now too!! Result!! There's no better feeling than being able to wear a tan that you can also shower with and still come out looking bronzed. 

Before and after my shower (My knee is dark just because I haven't moisturised yet :) )
I purchased this bottle from the Babdoll stand at Beauty Show in the RDS, the girls are so lovely and friendly, was so nice to meet them :) 
I will post another blog post about how it fades, etc., but so far I am really impressed with this tan!! I would recommend it to anyone :)
Tan Goddess retails at just €9.99 and is available in Hickeys, Sam McCauleys, Bradleys and Cara Pharmacies nationwide. 

Thank you all for reading
See you all again soon 

Lots of Love 

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