Monday, 2 March 2015

My makeup brushes and what they do :)

Hello my lovelies! I hope you're all well on this cold Monday afternoon.

So I have had a few people ask me recently why I have so many makeup brushes!! They couldn't believe that I had a use for every single one too. When you go in to Boots or makeup shops it can be quite overwhelming looking at all the makeup brushes and not knowing whats what. So this is why I decided to do this post just to give you all an idea of what goes where, I'm gonna try make it as short as i can so you don't lose interest halfway down the page. I'm going to sort them in to groups of which section each brush goes. I hope you find this post interesting, helpful and easy to understand! )

1.Stippling Brush

So First up we have the Stippling brush. This is a very multi-functional kinda brush it is one of my long time faves and has never let me down. This one in particular is from Real Techniques. The bristles on it are so sturdy and never come out even after washing a million times it just bounces back in to shape. So I use this one for putting my concealer on before my foundation, I use the Wet'n'Wild coverall concealer palette and it is a God send. This brush is so good for getting in to the corners of eyes and the nose and blends your make up so evenly. It can also be used for applying foundation and cream highlighter to the cheek bones. 

Stippling brush 

2. The Brow Brush

Next up is the brow brush,. I am obsessed with my eyebrows and always have been. I can always seem to get one perfect and then the other is a constant struggle!! but this brush makes it that little bit easier. So this is the brow brush from the Real Techniques eye starter kit. The kit comes with 5 brushes and are all pretty in purple. So I like to take the angled brow brush and put some of my Wet'n'Wild brow kit on to it (using the darkest shade) I then start from the thickest part of my brow and fill in where needs it. It is such good quality like all the RT brushes. This one gives great precision when filling in the eyebrows also its great for blending eye pencil :) 

Creepy head on me (right eyebrow done) 

3. Foundation brushes

So there are quite a few different brushes for foundation, the ones I have are RT and Pink Avenue (newbie) . So I have the RT expert face brush, Pink Avenue flat foundation brush, the RT stippling brush (as mentioned above) and then the RT buffing brush for blending. My fave one has to be the RT expert face brush, I just find that it gives the best flawless foundation application. I normally really do not like flat foundation brushes but this Pink Avenue one has left me very impressed, it blended the foundation perfectly and did not leave any streaks at all. Then the blending brush is fantastic for blending all your foundation. 

Blending Brush
Expert Face brush 
Flat Foundation brush

4. Contour Brushes 

Again these brushes can come in all shapes and sizes and its really about own preference and which one works best for you. So i have the RT Bold Metal;s contour brush, Pink Avenue angled contour brush, RT limited edition contour brush. My favourite one at the moment is the Bold metals contour brush, I find it gives me precise contour of the cheek bones, forehead and jawline. This brush seems to a bit touch and go with some people and doesn't seem to be everyone's favourite but I do love it and I find its the best one that works for me. I also us the RT flat foundation brush for contouring the sides of my nose as it is so slim it goes down the sides perfectly. I find the Sleek Contour, highlight and blush set so good for contour and highlighting :) 

 5> Highlighting and loose powder brush 

So when I am highlighting my cheek bones, centre of nose, brows and my cupids bow (top of upper lip) I like to use a small headed brush. So I have a brush I got in a  Hairspray brush set a while back and I love it its nice small head and is quite soft so it brushes powder highlight on so well. I also like to use the RT bold metals contour brush for down the centre of my nose. If you use liquid highlighter, which I like to do when I am going out, the RT stippling brush is fantastic for applying it. For loose powder I love to use the Real Techniques limited edition duo powder fibre brush. 


6. Blusher

So I love to use the RT blusher brush as it gives lovely colour to the apples of the cheeks also the duo fibre brush is good to for a light application of blush. the tip of the pink RT blusher brush is pointed which gives precise application of blusher on the apples of the cheeks.  The Pink avenue powder brush is great for blending it all in.

7. The Eyes 

So the list can be endless when it comes to eye brushes. There are so many!!!! However, when I set out to get myself some eyeshadow brushes I figured I would buy the RT starter eye kit and I never looked back. This set includes 5 full size brushes, base brush, crease brush, accent brush, pixel point liner brush and angled brow brush. I recently got 2 more in the limited RT brush set and they are the angled crease brush, base shadow brush and an angled liner brush, which I am devastated to say I cannot find anywhere!!! That angled liner brush is perfect for doing the brows. I'll have to try pick one up again somewhere!! So the base shadow brush is to apply the lightest shadow all over your eye lid and up to the brow. I also use this brush for applying the colour next to the lightest shade, I start from the insde and work outwards. I then get the crease brush and using a darker shade I apply the shadow in to the crease of my eye using back and fourth movements. I then use the accent brush with the darkest shade for the corner of my eye, drawing a side-wards V shape in the outer corner of my eye and using the Pink Avenue blending eye brush I blend it all in. I also use the accent brush for highlighting the inner corner of my eyes.These brushes are so easy to use and help to create the perfect smokey eyes. The silicone liner brush is fantastic for winged liner too.

Base Shadow brushes
Crease brushes 
Accent Brush

Blending brush

Silicone Liner brush


So I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful and easy to follow. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me at any of the links below :) Also find an individual brush price list set below too.

Thank you all for reading
See you again soon

Lots of love

Price List

Eye starter kit 28.99 From Boots

Core Collection set  28.99 from Boots

Nics Pics Limited edition. WAS 40.99 NOW 27.99 from Boots

RT Bold Metals Contour brush 28.00 from Boots

RT Stippling Brush 15.99 from Boots

You can purchase these Pink avenue brushes online at and selected Sam McCauley pharmacies nationwide.
Powder brush is 14.99
Eyeshadow blender 9.99
Contour brush 12.99
foundation brush 13.99

RT blusher brush 12.99 from Boots

Expert face brush 13.29 from Boots

*REAL TECHNIQUE brushes can also be purchased in Sam McCauley pharmacies and more pharmacies nationwide. 


  1. I really need to start building on my brushes!
    Funnily today I was looking at the RT brushes on Littlewoods ;-)

  2. They're so worth it Eimer! They last forever! Let me know how you get on :) xx

  3. Following your recommendations I bought the RT starter kit. They're brill! I also got ColorSport smokey eyes and perfect brows kit (half price!). Big thanks for info :)