Tuesday, 24 February 2015

MeMeMe Cosmetics- a few of my favourite bits :)


Hello everyone :)

So I have been bursting to do a blog post on the MeMeMe cosmetics! As most of ye all know I LOVE this makeup brand so much!!!! Their makeup is amazing quality, affordable prices and so nicely presented. When I first saw MeMeMe about a year ago my first thoughts was WOW this is gonna be so expensive, it has a vintage classic look to the presentation and I was super happy when I realised that it was so affordable and not in the least bit expensive at all!!! So read on to see which products I am currently in love with! I will do 3 at a time so its not too much information all at once :) x

So first up we have the Flawless cream foundation.This is one of the best foundations I have ever used. It spreads like  a dream and leaves your skin with a flawless finish. It really lives up to its name. I got this in Honey Lush 03 but you can get this foundation in the following tones:

  1. Beige Blush
  2. Golden Glow
  3. Honey Lush
  4. Porcelain Pure
I tend to wear the honey lush when I have some tan on as it is a bit dark but suits my skin perfectly with tan. I have quite dry skin and I find this foundation great for my skin type as its so spreadable and doesn't clump or flake! it's perfect. It's only 15.99 an absolute bargain for this product!!! :) This foundation also has SPF 15 so it protects your skin :) it gives medium-full coverage and lasts all day. When I wear this I never have to top it up which is a Godsend because I hate having to top up my makeup throughout the day "ain't nobody got time for that" !! :P It is enriched with antioxidants and micro-sphere for an even and smooth application! 

The different shades of the flawless cream foundation

Next up is the Flawless Loose Powder. This is a translucent loose powder and I LOVE this!! It is perfect for dry skin or all skin types really. it is so light but gives amazing coverage and is great for using over shiny areas. I like to apply this after I have done my all my contouring and highlighting, I use the loose powder in the areas I would highlight so above my brows, under my eyes, cheek bones, centre of the nose and chin. You are then left with a flawless matte finish. You can also use this in between lip applications for long lasting colour. 

Next is the Boho cheek and lip tint!! I swear by this! It literally comes everywhere with me. It fits perfectly in the smallest of handbags so you can touch up your cheeks and lips on the go :) They come with two bendable shades and they add instant glow to your complexion. You can get this in Coral Taupe and Pink Rouge. I currently have the coral taupe and I think it is fab!!! :) I like to put a bit on my middle and ring finger and literally just tap it on to my cheek bones and blend! It's so easy to use.  They are enriched with Jojoba oil to moisturize the lips and the skin. I have tried so many different cream blushers and they never worked for me but this one is so good, it blends perfectly with your natural tones and doesn't streak or blotch on your skin. It keeps your lips feeling nice and hydrated throughout the day too. This is only 8.50 and it lasts soooo long!!! You definitely need this one for the handbag girls :)

So there are 3 of my favourite items at the moment! I will have more to follow during the week so keep an eye out :) To find your nearest MeMeMe stockist click the link below :) 

Thank you all for reading
Lots of love


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