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Review- No7 Products

Hello everyone :) hope you all had a lovely weekend and are all keeping well.

So this blog post is a review on some of favorite No7 products and some that i had not used before tonight. So as most you all know I am just a teeny weeny little bit obsessed with the No7 skincare range from Boots :P I think I may have nearly every product ha! Ah no that's an exaggeration but I'm not far off it :/ I would just like to state that I have bought all these products from my own money, (my bank card hates me so much it has given up and stopped working), so all my reviews are 100% honest. I love to buy new skin care products and try them out but No7 just has so much in their range at the moment I haven't had a chance to shop around for other brands......yet.

Hot Cloth Cleanser 

So this bottle of luxury is one of my absolute faves of No7 at the moment. It is such a treat. It's so easy to use and its also pretty cheap too, I think it's only like 12.95euro which is amazing for this because it lasts ages!!! So in this you get your bottle of cleanser and a muslin cloth. The cloth is so light and fine which is just perfect for your face as it is not heavy or rough. The bottle is 200ml and it will last you so long. so to use this beauty just follow the simple steps below:)

  1. Ensure your face is cleansed thoroughly and dry (I used the No7 cleansing lotion)
  2. Squirt some product on to your finger tips and massage all over your face using your fingertips, avoid the eye area. don't be mean with the cleanser use enough to cover your face and enough so you can see it. 
  3. Run your hot tap for a few seconds until it is comfortably hot and place the cloth under it (please do not burn yourself) then wring out the excess water on the cloth, lay back on your bed or couch and place the cloth over your face, leave for a few minutes.
  4. After a few minutes, using the cloth wipe off all the cleanser. Then splash some cold water on your face to close your pores again. Pat dry. 
  5. Finish off by putting on some of your favorite No7 moisturizer (or whichever one you wish to use) and voila there you have it. Beautiful cleansed silky smooth refreshed skin. 
  6. Ensure to keep your muslin cloth clean, wash in warm soapy water and dry flat :) 

Excuse the head on me, but this is the Hot Cloth Cleanser on my face :) 

No7 Energizing Mask

So this next product is the No7 energizing mask. This was my first time to use it tonight. So i bought this a few weeks ago it was 16.25 but i did get 3for2 and i had my 6.50 voucher so it worked out as a bargain :) So my first impressions of this one was it reminded me of honey. It feels very thick and sticky and i used quite a bit to apply it evenly over my face, again avoiding the eye area,  I couldn't really see it going on so I kind of kept applying it but you don't need to do this, just take a small bit and thinly apply it over the face. Less is more in this case. This one really surprised me after it dried. If any of ye were like me in school and absolutely loved peeling dried in PVA glue off your hands at arts and crafts time, well then you are going to LOVE this!!!! I think this is why I liked it so much lol!! it literally just peels off your face and it feels soooo good :P heres a step by step of how to use this.

  1. Ensure face is cleansed and dried thouroughly 
  2. squeeze a small bit of the gel like substance on to your fingertips and just apply a thin layer all over face, avoiding the eye area.
  3. leave it for 10 mins, so lay back relax, read a mag or have a cuppa :) 
  4. this is the fun part!!! so when it has dried you can start to peel away. Do not get a fright it is just the gel coming off, My boyfriend walked in at the wrong time and thought my skin was peeling off :P :/ 
  5. So once its all peeled off I just like to splash some water over my face to make sure I got it all off, You are guaranteed to feel refreshed and revitalized after this face mask :) 

Gel like substance (looks like honey)

Can't really see the mask on my face, but is there :)

The Peel part is the best part!! feels soooo good :) 

No7 Hydration Mask

So this next one again is an all time fave!!! I have very dry skin around my forehead, nose, cheeks, etc!! it is a pain, I constantly have to exfoliate and moisturize to keep on top of it! I got this mask for the first time about a year ago and it lasted me nearly the year, I only got my second bottle of it at Christmas so it lasts a long time. I like to use it say about once every fortnight and It just re-hydrates my skin and puts some shine and life back in to it. It's quite creamy so you do not need to use an awful lot of product. I like to apply it all over my face (avoiding eyes) and neck but i don't skimp on it i apply a good amount of it on , leave it on for a few minutes then just wipe off with a cotton pad. It is really nice. its 16.50 in Boots and its worth every penny. Here's a step by step guide for this product :) 

  1. So ensure your skin is cleansed and dried  thoroughly
  2. pump some product on to the tips of your fingers and massage in to the face and neck. Use a generous amount of product. Avoid the eyes.
  3. sit back and relax for about 5 minutes so the cream can soak in to your skin.
  4. using a cotton pad in circular motions wipe the mask off your face. slash some water on your face and pat dry.
  5. You will be left with soft, re-hydrated skin. 

Hydration mask on my face and neck

So there ea re my reviews of 3 of my faves at the moment :) You can purchase any No7 products from Boots online or from any Boots stores nationwide.  hope you enjoyed reading :)

See you all soon. Thanks for reading
Lots of love


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