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w7 Eye Palettes- Review

Hey everybody! How are ye all doing? good I hope! :)

This next post is a review on the w7 eye-shadow palettes!! As most of you probably already know I am a huge fan of w7 (must be a 7 thing :P ) and I have been for quite some time, my first product I had bought from this brand was a primer, and it was unreal!! I actually seen From Matte to Metallic girls share it earlier today and I agree with them it is fab! very like the Smash Box primer! But anyway completely going off track there. So the w7 palettes are in my eyes and some others a dupe for the well known Naked palettes. Now as I am completely honest in all my posts I have never tried the Naked palettes as I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much money on eyeshadow! Don't get me wrong if somebody handed me 46 euro and told me to buy it I would and I have spent long periods of time oogling over them and hoping and wishing for one but something just holds me back every time!!! So at Christmas my boyfriend got me 2 of the w7 palettes one was In The Nude and In the Buff; lightly toasted! He got them in my local Ryan's Pharmacy in Rhode. They are unreal!!! I then bought the In the Night palette off eBay for a tenner and just the other day while I was collecting my lovely Cocoa Brown tan prize from Mangan's Pharmacy in Newbridge I finally completed my set by buying the In The Buff palette for a steal of only 7.95.

So I'm just going to go through each palette with you, I'll try my best to keep it as short and sweet as possible just to give you a good idea of how I find the palettes and different looks you can carry out with each palette. 

In The Nude 

So this In the Nude palette, it comes with 12 different shades starting from lightest to darkest. it comes in a tin with no mirror but it does have an eyeshadow applicator. There is a mixture of shimmery and matte shadows
Now remember girlies these palettes at their dearest are only 9.99 so we're not expecting them to be the most pigmented or best quality, however I will say this, they last all day/night long they are very nice colours and I find myself nearly using every colour at some stage. You may need to put a little more product on the brush more than you would the Naked palette but its not a big deal. they do what they're supposed to do and that's to create nice soft smokey eyes or just natural eyes for day time. I use this one ALOT during the days as the colours really suit me and I love my browns and pinks so this one is perfect for creating the soft smokey eye. The palette lasts ages too, which is great. So this particular palette is a dupe of the Naked 3 palette :) 

In The Buff- Lightly Toasted 

 Here we have the In The Buff- Lightly toasted. As you can see from the pictures this one is a little more of night time look with darker shades. I love this one for creating a bold smokey eye. The dark golds and greys and browns in this palette are very well pigmented and they create a beautiful smokey eye for a night time look. I have no pictures of my eyes done in this one yet but when I do do one I will be sure to post pictures for you all to see. So again you get 12 eyeshadows some shimmery some matte and it come sin a tin. on the back of each tin there also comes with a name of each shadow. At most this palette will cost you 9.99. And I believe this palette is a dupe of the Naked 1 Palette

In The Night


Next we have  the In The Night palette. This is one my all time faves!!!I love the colour purple and I just think this palette is so fun and different to any other eyeshadow palette i own. You can be a  little adventurous with this one and create all kinds of beautiful purple and pink smokey eyes. I have used this one a few times and I was really pleased with how my eye make up turned out. Its pigmented perfectly so you don't over use any product. So again you have a mixture of shimmery and mate colours. the lightest at the start going down to the darkest shades. and in the middle on this one you have 3 beautiful purple colors and a lovely shimmery pink. Lots of looks can be created with this palette and I cannot wait to use it more in the future. you could use this one day time too if you wanted to go for a very girly look but I would think by the name of it it is best used for night time looks :) I got this palette on eBay for just 9.99 but you can purchase it in shops/pharmacies nationwide. 

In The Buff 

So last but not least is the newest and final addition to the w7 palette family and it is In The Buff. I am loving this palette at the moment, it has the perfect nude colours an shades and then has the dark shades for again creating that smokey eye we all love so much. this one has s ome beautiful golden tones and a nice grey/green colour too which would be beautiful on any colour eye. That's the best thing with these palettes it doesn't matter what colour eye you have you will find a look from each palette to suit you. So the In The Buff palette is a dupe fot the Naked Palette 2.

Naked vs w7
You really cannot go wrong with these eyeshadow palettes they're fantastic and such good prices too. you can purchase w7 cosmetics in selected pharmacies , nationwide. I know Cara Pharmacies stock thir products and also Mangan's Pharmacy in Newbridge also/Ryan's pharmacy in Edenderry and Rhode too. They can also be bought online too. They are normally only 9.99 but are on special offer at the moment for only 7.95 in Mangan's pharmacy, Newbridge. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you all for reading. 
Lots of love

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