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Review- Three more of my favourite No7 products!!!

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Thanks for stopping by again :) This post is a continuation of my No7 product reviews. No7 and I are having a love affair. It's true.... I love it!! I counted my products last night and I have 18 pieces to be exact... for now... that is not including all the nail varnishes and hand-creams and cuticle oil that I have too. I just cannot help it!! Their whole skin care range covers everything from spot cream to night time moisturizer to face washes to hand creams. The list is endless!! They cater for all skin types, whether you may have dry skin, normal, oily or combination. They also cover aging skin too. The best part is they are affordable!!! I do not believe in spending 100's of  euro on a moisturizer when i know i can get it for more than half that and it probably works better too.

So the first product i am going to review is the eye makeup remover. Just to warn you there will be pictures of me to follow, so just look past the tired eyes and the lack of makeup!! That's what being a mammy is all about ! well that's my excuse anyway :P. So this little bottle of blue is only 11 euro in Boots Nationwide. There is also 3for2 on at the moment on all skin care. This is the best eye makeup remover I have ever used! It can be used on sensitive eyes and it even removes waterproof mascara. It removes your eye make up with little or no effort at all. The bottle lasts ages and your eye skin feels amazing after using it. There's no better feeling than taking your eye make up off and this just makes that process a little bit easier :) WE can't argue with that right!!!

No7 Beautiful skin eye makeup remover
All skin types
Only 11 euro

So here is a little step by step guide as to how I use this product.:
Before: My eye with make up :)

  1. So I place a small bit of product on to a cotton pad just by turning the bottle upside down once really quickly on to the pad. 
  2. Gently using circular motion, wipe your eye wit the cotton pad ensuring you get all your eye lid, under your eye and up to your brows. Add more product if necessary. Always remember the eye is the most delicate part of your skin so treat it kindly and delicately. So don't be rough just let the cleanser do the work. 
  3. What i like to do then is get a cotton bud, dip it in to the cleanser and use it to wipe the bottom lid of my eye and the top where ever there maybe some eye liner, extra shadow etc. Be very careful not to stick the bud in your eye..

  4. I just wipe the eye again with a clean cotton pad and voila you have eye makeup free eyes :) you are left with no redness or anything and your skin around your eyes feel so soft. 
    After using the eye make-up remover

So if you have not got this product yet I recommend you definitely purchase it!! It is so good and its so affordable too!!! :) 

So Next up I have the No7 beautiful skin cleansing oil.

This oil cleanser is an absolute God-send to me!! I have very bad dry skin around my nose, my forehead, my cheeks, everywhere!!! So what this does is it gives you normal looking skin!!! It gives beautiful healthy, soft, bright looking skin. It is amazing! This one is only 14.25 (again 3for2) it is worth every penny. Its also great for removing make up too which is an added bonus. It can be used on sensitive skin too. It is enriched with vitamin E and rosehip oil to protect and hydrate. It has a pump on it so it easy to squirt the product in to your hand without it going everywhere and helps you to not over use it and waste the product either. 

This is how I like to use this product.

this is how oily the product is 
  1. Squirt some product in to dry hands, I normally pump it 2 or 3 times and that's enough to cover your whole face. 
  2. Using circular motions spread the oil on to your dry face and ensure you spread it evenly all over.
  3. using a wet face cloth, I like to run the face cloth over my face removing any dirt or make up that is there, then rinse with warm or cold water. 
  4. Now you have clean healthy, hydrated soft looking skin. 
It is a fantastic product, again it lasts ages, its affordable and it leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing!! definitely one to buy :)

Last but not least is the Radiance Exfoliator. 

Again girls this is fantastic!! It is only !0.50, what a bargain!! It is so light and lovely on your skin. I use this one at least twice a week, because I have such dry skin I need to ensure exfoiliating is a must in my facial cleansing regime otherwise my skin will just flake so bad!!! I have used so many different products over the years but this is the one for me. It's very light weight, you can feel the scrub bits but they're not over powering or rough like some facial scrubs I have used in the past. It's so easy to apply and easy to rinse off too, ya don';t get left with bits of scrub in your eyebrows or hair line like some products. (maybe that just happens to me :P )
So this is how I like to use this product.

  1. I tend to use this in the shower as part of my hygiene regime but like I said before I would only use it 2-3 times a week. Recommended usage is normally 1-2 times a week. I start off by wetting my face first, then squeeze just a small bit of scrub on to my finger tips and again using circular motions I apply it all over my face and neck, getting right in at my hair line, eyebrows and the corners of my nose. 
  2. I ensure my whole face and neck has been scrubbed. I then rinse off using warm water, ensure it is thoroughly rinsed from the hair line and all over
  3. using a clean towel pat dry.

So there are my 3 reviews of the eye makeup remover, the oil cleanser and the radiance facial scrub :) Hope you all enjoyed reading and that I haven't burnt a hole in any pockets :/ :P

See you all soon

Lots of love

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