Friday, 1 May 2015

Same sex marriage.... Vote YES

Hey everyone and welcome back!! Hope you are all set for the bank holiday weekend and have lots of lovely things lined up :) 

So I just want to write this piece about the big referendum which is coming up on the 22nd of May this year, I just feel like I have a lot to say on the subject and just need to get it off my chest basically. As most of my followers know I am not overly opinionated and I listen to everyone's opinions, etc., but I just can't keep my mouth shut on this one!! 

So I have been talking about this the subject of same sex marriage to a few people now and while most are voting YES some are still voting NO, which I personally just cannot get my head around. Who are we to determine if a couple want to share a life together and make wedding vows together. Who are we to take anybody's choices away which would lead to a lifetime full of happiness for a loving couple. There are so many posters and opinions about gay couples not being suitable parents..... who said this referendum had anything to do with gay couples having babies?? this has nothing to do with gay couples being parents... I have news for you, same sex couples can already have children, through adoption and surrogacy, so please stop with that nonsense and lame excuse as to why same sex couples shouldn't get married. I have yet to see some more lame excuses as to why they shouldn't get married but it seems that the odd society of today can't come up with any any other reasons and do you want to know why?? Because there are NO other reasons why they shouldn't get married. If a gay couple got married tomorrow how would it affect your life? it wouldn't!! If Lucy or any other future children of mine were to come to me in years to come and tell me they were gay I would give them a huge hug and just be grateful that firstly, they could come to me and tell me and secondly that they are happy and healthy. Who cares if they are gay.... what difference would it make? absolutely none. 

Being gay isn't something somebody just chooses to be, it's how you are born just like I was born straight but in narrow minded societies eyes that's "normal". I could have been born gay but I just simply wasn't. There is nothing wrong or criminal about it and I wish people would let that stigma go. We live in a World now full of hatred, jealousy, evil, cruelty and horrible people and yet there are still people out there who think being gay is wrong. I don't think I will ever understand this. Just stop and think about the real reason why you think same sex couple shouldn't get married, if this is how you think and feel then please feel free to explain to me why you feel this why (leaving children out of it) as I just do not get it. 

I'm not writing this piece in defence of anyone in particular I just feel that it is such a huge deal and I honestly cannot believe that it even needed to be put to a public vote to be completely honest. I think the whole thing is madness and that people need to vote YES !! This is a paramount time for same sex couples, give them the chance for equality and their own happy ever after which is something we are all entitled to in our life time!! 

Thank you all for reading and for putting up with my rant :) 

Until next time
Lots of love 

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