Saturday, 22 August 2015

My favourite foundation brushes

Love this :) (google images) 

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog :) 
So today I want to share with you my favourite make up brushes to use to apply my foundation. I find foundation the hardest part of make up and the most important part to get right as it is your base, it really takes a good brush to ensure it is even and not patchy. You could use the cheapest foundation (well maybe not he cheapest :P ) but once you have the right tools to apply it with you will get the best results you want :) 

Beter Foundation Brush

So first up I am loving the Beter brand liquid foundation brush, I use this brush every day without fail and it leaves me with a flawless finish with my foundation. This brush can be purchased for just €9.99 from Ryan's Pharmacy. I love that these brushes are so affordable. The bristles are so soft but they don't budge when washing them, they are easily cleaned and just spring back in to shape after. 

Beter Fibre Optic Brush 

Another Beter brush I swear by is the Fibre Optic one. I love using this to apply some mineral foundation but you can use it for liquid and cream foundations too :). It blends so evenly and gives a really nice flawless finish. Sometimes I use my mineral foundation over my liquid foundation and this brush is just super for blending!!! I love this brush for applying powder highlighter too :)  Again a very affordable brush, I think this brush was only €14.99 and it can also be purchased from Ryan's Pharmacy.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush 

Next up is the Real Techniques Stippling brush. This brush is my multi purpose brush!! I use this to apply some concealer under my foundation, it's great for concealing the eyes as it gets right in to the corners of the eyes, so this is great for applying foundation as it leaves you with a flawless HD finish with no streaks and like I said before it blends around the eye area so well :) This brush can be purchased on Simply Foxy here  for just €10.71 compared to Boots for €15.99 :)  I also love this brush for applying cream highlighter to the cheek bones :) 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush 

And last but not least is the Real Techniques Buffing brush! Girls if you do not have this brush I highly recommend that you get it!! This brush is the holy grail of blending brushes!! It is amazing for blending out your foundation and also for blending bronzer for contouring !! This brush can only be purchased in the Core Collection brush set but you can get it on Simply Foxy here for an amazing price of just €19.42, in this set you get 4 brushes and the buffing brush is one of them! Highly recommend this set!! It is the best set I have purchased by far!! 

So there are my main 4 go to foundation brushes to achieve the flawless look us girls all want so bad :)  Have you used any of these brushes before?  If so please tell me your thoughts u the comments below or on ay of my social media accounts below :) 

Thank you all for reading

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  1. Great post, I need to track down the beter brushes it kind of reminds me of mac brushes!xx

    1. Yea they actually remind me of the look of MAC hun, I have never owned a MAC brush... terrible I know :( xx

  2. Loved your post hun 😘 i still need to het my hands on the core collection! 🙈

    1. Thanks huni :) yes u def have to it's so good ' and they last forever :) xx

    2. Lisa, the core collection is half price in boots at the moment.

  3. I never heard of the Beter brushes I'll have to see if I can find some and great that they are affordable x

    1. There is a website you can get them but I'm not sure of the site so I didn't wanna post it up in Case it was dodgy but here it is here ! Most of the time local pharmacies can stock them too! Let me know if you track them down :) xx