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#PassionPersistancePink Cocoa Brown Event

Hey guys!! Hope you're all good :)

So last Sunday I was lucky enough to be a VIP  guest at the Cocoa Brown event #PassionPersistancePink and it was AMAZING!!!! 

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So the event took place in the 5 Star hotel The Shelbourne in Dublin. I went along with 2 fellow bloggers both whom I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time that day too, Katie from Blogging it beautiful and Cint from Make up and Messes, go check these girls out they are just fab!! So we registered at 11am and the beautiful Kate Kelly signed us in and off we went! Up ahead the paps were snap happy, taking lots of photos of the beautiful Marissa Carter and the fabulous X-Factor make up artist Julia Carta! I was so raging I never got a picture on my phone with the 2 beauties but the photographer did take one but I reckon that's well gone now lol! 

Rosie Connolly and Marissa Carter 
So after everyone was sat and settled Marissa then took to the stage with her contagious bubbly personality and gave us a low down of what was lined up for the events ahead! As the day unfolded each part of it just got better and better. There were lots of spot prizes to be won and lots of goodies to be given out through out the day. Marissa is probably one of the most genuine, hard working, sophisticated ladies I have ever come across. I could watch her all day!! She is an unbelievable inspiration to so many women including myself. Her work ethic is outstanding. When it comes to business this woman is flawless. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She is very confident but not cocky and all the while she shared with us how she still doubts herself and has fears every morning she wakes up, however she gave amazing advice to us and one piece of advice that sticks out to me is to know that there is no glass ceiling and there is no limit to what you can achieve. As scary as something may seem if you don't take the chance you will never know what you could have achieved from it. 

Some Flormar goodies found under our chairs :) 

Make up demo 

So then Rosie Connolly, Tara O Farrell, Aj Fitzsimons and Marissa Carter got up to give a makeup demo of an Ombré lip using Flormar Lip liner and lipstick :) It was really interesting to watch and I learnt some good tips one being from Rosie Connoly is to use a lippie with a blue hue off it as it makes your teeth appear to be whiter :) Aj Fitzsimons also uses just lip liner to create a matte finish look lip which is amazing looking on her!!! Tara O' Farrell showed us how if you use the lip liner a little bit above your natural lip line you will create bigger fuller lips (Kylie Jenner style) :) 


So Marissa had her sister come up on stage where she was a model for ton-touring!! It was so good to see ton-touring being demoed live lol!! I feel a little more confident trying it out now after seeing it been done in person opposed to over snap chat! And can I just say how stunning her sister is!! That family has some lucky genes!!! 

The Big Reveal

So then we were given out our goodie bags but we had to keep them shut until...... The Big Reveal was announced! This was very exciting!!! I was racking my brains  as to what it was going to be!! So She held them up for as all to see and it was indeed the Shimmer and Matte Instant Tan bronzing gel!! So these products can be washed off,  HOWEVER if you go out in the rain or wash your hands and the water splashes it will NOT leave speckled dots all over you like most typical instant tans!! Like all Cocoa Brown tanning products, the new Instant Tan Bronzing Gels are non­comodengenic meaning they are safe to be used on your face. As always, the Bronzing Gels are scented with the signature Cocoa Brown Tahitian Gardenia scent ­so you don't get that dreadful fake tan smell. So the  Instant Tan Bronzing Gels are €6.99 and are available to pre-order on They will also be available form Cocoa Brown Stockists from October 12th 2015 so be sure to get your hands on these girls because these are going to sell out so fast!! I will be doing a full blog post on these 2 products as soon as possible :) I am so excited to try them out!!! 

So when the Big Reveal was all done with we then had some gorgeous afternoon tea and got stuck in to our "swag bags" :) OMG those bags were unreal!!!! We were well and truely spoilt!! All the products are just unreal and I will use every single one of them!! :) 

Special Guest: Julia Carta 

So after the yummy food and playing with our new toys we then settled back in to the next guest speaker!! I was so excited for this lady to come on and I was not disappointed in the slightest!! So Julia Carta is the one and only MUA for the X-Factor!!!! And not only that but she was also BRITNEY SPEARS' MUA for her world tour!!! How amazing is that!!!! Imagine what her CV must look like!!! So anyway I was in awe of this woman! She was so chilled out, professional and confident. She has worked on some of the biggest celebs around !! Although her first ever  celeb was Jerry Springer, we all have to start somewhere right? :P So she done Marissa's make up and showed us each product she used and why she was using it etc! She was so informative and extremely professional and would not spill any goss on any of the celebs..... Boo!! haha!! 

So After months of blogging and connecting with other bloggers and also brands I finally got to meet some people in person :) So I met the 2 lovelies Grace from It's All G and Rachel from RachsBeautique, I feel like I know these girls years and that's how it felt when we finally met too! Go check out their blogs too they're just fantastic girls!! I also met the lovely Niamh from Holos skin care ! Niamh is another fantastic business woman with a beautiful natural and holistic skin care range! She's a gem!  

myself and Cint from makeup and messes

Cint, Katie and Moi :)

Hair done by Aisling Hannon loved it!!! 

So overall I had one of the best days!!! It was so nice seeing Marissa and seeing her so excited and so proud of her new products it was really quite a feeling to share those moments with her. I am so grateful to have been even considered for an invite to such an amazing event. They were so generous with their swag bags and all, I appreciate it all so so much. So massive thank you to Marissa and the Cocoa Brown team for all their hard work put in to the event and for making it a day I will never forget!! 

Thank you all for reading 

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Lots of love 

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