Monday 28 September 2015

My Daily Skincare Routine

Hey lovelies! How are we all doing? So sorry for my lack of posts lately! Since starting the new job I have been trying to balance everything so I haven't had a second to sit down and write!! I am currently eating  my breakfast while I write this, so you catch my drift ! :P  Hope you're all having a brilliant week so far :) 

So I have not done a skin care routine or any kind of routine post in a while so I figured I was due one!! This one today is my daily skin care routine!What I use every morning and what works for me! Always remember that everyone is different so some products I use you may love and work for you too or it can go the opposite and not work for you and you may dislike it :) 

So this is my skincare routine before I even put a drop of primer on my skin. I have very dry/oily skin! And it's all in patches!!! So keep reading to see what I am loving right now and what I use :)

Face Wash/cleanser 

So first off you need to find a good facial wash or cleanser that suits your skin. You never see an artist starting off  a painting on a dirty canvas so treat your face as a piece of art being created :) I am loving the Botanics range from Boots lately and I find this particular facial foam wash brilliant! it cleanses your face leaving it really fresh and soft :) This product is especially great for people who do have oily skin as it tames down the shine :) 


So while I don't exfoliate every day I do like to do it every second or third day, mainly because I wear make up every day so its good to give a deep cleanse very often :) I am loving this exfoliator polish by Holos Skin Care. This is the GoTo exfoliator right now! It gently exfoliates leaving you with polished fresh soft clean skin, You can read my review on this product here :) 

TIP: Leave this on as a mask for about 10 mins for amazing results :)


So the purpose of using a serum is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and other purposes too such as brightening up the skin if the serum you are using contains Vitamin C !  Needless to say I like to use a lot of this haha! I use the Botanics Serum just under the eye and the corners of the eyes too where crows feet and fine lines appear. I then use the Aloe Vera serum on the rest of my face. This can at as great base for your make up too :) Serums are formulated to penetrate deeply in to the skin to deliver the active ingredients. 

Firming Day cream and Moisturiser 

Next I like to use a firming day cream again around the eye area as I have visible lines in that general area and I like to tighten up that skin as much as I can. The one I am enjoying right now is the Aloe firming Day cream. I then use a moisturizer as I have quite dry skin. So I use this moisturizer just in places that I need it such as my cheeks, corner of my nose, just above my brows and the center of my forehead. I am loving the Botanic's range day moisturizer. You can check out my review of the Botanics range here .

So I wanted to keep that as short, sweet and to the point as I could and just give you a quick low down of what I am enjoying and what I use for my skin care routine. I hope you get some good tips and product ideas from this post! If you are a  fan of any of the products mentioned above please do let me know :) 

Thank you all for reading

Until next time 
lots of love 

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