Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August Favourites

Hello my lovely peeps!!

I'm back with an August Favourites!! I haven't done a favourites post in a while, but now that I am a little bit more organised I am going to ensure I fit in a favourites every month!! :) So keep on reading to find out what I have been loving this month :D 

Botanics Skin care range. 

This is the most affordable skin care brand, that is actually beneficial to your skin, on the market right now!! So I bought 4 products from this range, and they all cost me only €15!!! What A bargain!!! So I purchased the All Bright hydrating day cream, All Bright cleansing facial foam wash,All bright purifying face scrub and the All bright serum! Seriously guys if you haven't tried this range yet I highly recommend that you do! They cater for all skin types, I have combination skin and I swear my skin has improved by miles since I started using these!! LOVE it!!! They can be purchased from any Boots Nationwide or online here 

My Penneys watch

Ok not a beauty product but I am just in love with this watch I got in Penneys for a bargain of just €7!!! I am so bad with watches, I either lose them, break them or snap them! I don't know how or why!!! But anyway this one caught my eye and I just love the burgundy leather strap along with the gold face and butterfly design! It's like it was made for me! Here is hoping I don't lose it or break it! The colours are perfect for A/W too :D 

Seventeen makeup

So I recently have started to try out some new beauty products and I stumbled across Seventeen in Boots and of course they had to have an offer on.... Any 2 products for €11 so of course  I purchased 4 products and then a 5th another time :P So I got the highlighter, the primer, a lippie, contour and highlight kit and a concealer! I will be doing a full blog post on these soon too :) So they can be purchased in any Boots with a Seventeen stand and online here 

Catrice Camoflauge Cream

I think this could have made it in to a monthly favourites before!!! And if so it's because it is simply amazing!!! This is by far the best concealer I have ever used. I get such bad dark circles and bags so low you could carry your weeks shopping in them!! This literally disguises them. It's also great for covering blemishes. It's only about €4 and it can be purchased in leading pharmacies nationwide including Ryan's Pharmacy and also anywhere that has a Catrice stand i.e Penneys :) 

Penneys Boots

Again not a beauty product but these boots!!! How could I not feature them!! I got these in Penneys about a month or so ago and I LOVE them!!! They literally go with anything!!! They were only like €19.. bargain!! I love wearing them with some baggyish ripped jeans and my blogger T-shirt I also got in Penneys for €6! I haven't got a pic of it on me because I'm not at the comfortable stage of #ootd's yet :P 

So there you go, they are my August favourites!! Have you tried any of these products or have you purchased any of the fashion items?? Let me know :D 

Thank you all for reading 

Until next time
Lots of Love 

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