Saturday, 19 September 2015

The vintage Cosmetic Company Launch

Hey everyone and welcome back to my page :) 

So as most of you will already know I was lucky enough to be invited to the Launch of The Vintage Cosmetic Company in Cleary's Pharmacy on Talbot Street last Wednesday 16th September. 

When I initially received the email from the lovely Joan I was ecstatic. I absolutely love this brand and just knew I had to be there!!! So I made arrangements to meet up and head to the event with Rebecca from Lipstick Glitter and Me and also Bébhinn from A Judgeless Life, unfortunately Rebecca couldn't make it, so myself and Bébhinn headed on in. I was so nervous coming up that day as I really had no idea what to expect. So myself and Bev were the first two there, so it kind of gave me a chance to find my feet and explore the place.

Myself and Bev

So out of nowhere Jennifer from From Matte To Metallic came over and greeted me with a big hug and I really felt like I knew the girl. Snapchat can be so good for somethings :) I was delighted to see her and we just chatted away for ages before people started to arrive. She is one of the most genuine down to earth, friendliest girls I've ever met and to be honest as corny as this sounds I really was a little bit starstruck, I just love these 2 girls and admire all the hard work they do! Just in case ye didn't know, the 2 girls are brand ambassadors for The Vintage Cosmetic Company :)  So the girls Jennifer and Ciara got stuck in doing lashes and makeup, I was first up and I was a little nervous as I never wear lashes!!! So Jennifer used the Betty lashes on me and oh God girls I am converted!! They are so natural and they just give your lashes that  little lift they need without making you look like you're wearing fake lashes. These last about 3-4 days, I continued using them for 3 more days after and they were just like new on the 4th day as they were on the first!! Unreal !!

Myself and Jennifer xx 

Betty Lashes day 1

Betty Lashes Day 4

  I also met Joan for the first time at the launch and she was an absolute pet, so friendly and welcoming. She greeted us with some beautiful goody bags and she also ensured myself and Bev had some refreshments as wine and Shloer were being served, so as I was driving I had a shloer for the first time and I have to say it was delicious! There were cupcakes served too and OH MY GOD they were amazing!!!! I devoured mine on the way home !!! 

Ciara doing her thang :)  
Ciara applying Lashes on Debbie from KissandMakeup

Bev about to get her lashes did by Jennifer 

I finally got to meet Debbie from KissandMakeup too! She is such a doll!! Such a sweet genuine girl and I hope we get to go to more events together in the future :) I also met Jennifer from The Life and Style of Jen, I have been following Jennifer on snap chat and I think she's gas so was lovely to bump in to her, shes so friendly and again a lovely girl :) 

We also met Claire, the owner of the company. She was so helpful, friendly and overall a really really nice lady. She gave a small talk on the backgorund of the company. So The Vintage Cosmetic company is 4 years old and is a UK based company, which has only come to Ireland recently. Claire wanted to produce a product which was natural looking and effective, which is what she has got spot on with the lashes. The brushes are at a professional level and with the beautiful packaging they also make a gorgeous gift for somebody :) 

The beautiful Claire 

L-R Bev, Claire and myself

So there was a fantastic atmosphere at the launch, everyone was in high spirits and it went so smoothly. There was a competition for over €80 worth of goodies held on the night, so to enter you had to buy a product and your name and number was put on a receipt and pulled out of a bag at the end of the evening. So I was looking around at the stands for a while and was finding it so hard to choose something because I wanted it all. So I just asked Claire what would be the most multi-use product she had and she recommended the powder brush as it can be used for liquid and mineral foundation, setting powders and even blusher, so for just €19.99 needless to say I whipped this baby up :) I cannot let an opportunity like that pass haha! I look at make up brushes as investments :) 

So anyway I entered the competition and to my complete and utter shock and surprise my name was picked from the bag. I could not believe I won!!!!! I was absolutely over the moon!!! It felt very surreal, I never win anything!!! That was just the icing on the cake!! The evening was amazing as it was but that just made it so much better :)

The goody bag alone was amazing but along with the competition bag too I really was well and truly spoilt!!!! I'm just going to leave pictures below of all the products! I will be doing a blog post on these products in the near future so I won't go in to detail here about them, I shall leave it for the next post :)

So I just want to say a huge thank you to Joan again for inviting me to the fantastic launch I had an amazing time :) You done an outstanding job in organizing everything! The evening was perfect. And also a huge thank your to Jennifer and Ciara from From Matte to Metallic for being fantastic mentors and also well-done again on becoming brand ambassadors. I could not think of any 2 ladies that would be more suited than ye, its well deserved so well-done again :) 

Have you used any of the products from The Vintage Cosmetic Company?? If so please do let me know in the comments below, or on any of my social media sites provided in the links below my name :)

Thank you all for reading

Until next time
Lots of love 


  1. Your photos are fab huni. Gutted I couldn't make it. It's such a gorgeous unique brand xxx

    1. Thanks so much hun!! I had loadsa photos haha!! IT really is such a nice brand! I love it! hope you're well huni!! xxx

    2. I am ordering those Betty lashes you had on so pretty! Might actually get a hairbrush too oh heck I may leave santa a list lol
      Am ok hun dad's just getting tests etc but he's in good form etc xx

    3. I am in love with Betty haha!! I am red gonna get some more ! We actually sell the brand in my new job so il be picking up more bits :) haha a Santa list is a great idea :) you will love this stuff !!! Ah good huni! I seen your snap chat earlier and meant to message u! Xxx

  2. Your photos are fab huni. Gutted I couldn't make it. It's such a gorgeous unique brand xxx

  3. I'm not familiar with this brand at all, but I'm loving the packaging! And I'm in need of new make-up brushes...

    1. The packaging i its biggest selling point! its just beautiful! They do a gorgeous brush set for about €35 which is amazing value as he brushes are about 15-20e each :) xx