Sunday, 17 January 2016

Slimming World KFC Recipe

Found this on Google image ! Great motivation poster :) 

Hey my lovelies
Hope you're all well :) So this post is a recipe on the Slimming World KFC I made for dinner! I got a few screen shots on snap-chat after asking if SW recipes would be something that would interest you and it seems that it does :) So I hope you enjoy the recipes that are to come and if you have any you would like to share with me too please do in the comments below or on any of my social media links below :D  

I am really enjoying being back eating healthy and I am not attending classes I am literally sticking to healthy foods and homemade foods rather than processed and in just 2 weeks I feel less bloated, more energy and my skin is in much better condition too! :)


Serves 4
Syns: 1/2 per serving OR HEB 


4 chicken thighs with skin removed
2 slices of Brennans Be Good Bread 
2 eggs
Dark soya sauce
Garlic salt


  1. Remove skin from chicken thighs
  2. Using a cheese grater, make some bread crumbs from the 2 slices of Be Good Bread
  3. Mix the 2 eggs with the soya sauce and garlic salt
  4. Put chicken thigh in the egg and soya sauce mixture, leave to soak for a few seconds
  5. Then place in the bread crumbs back and front ensuring all the chicken is covered
  6. Repeat for each chicken thigh
  7. Spray oven dish with fry light and place chicken in to dish, add some garlic salt to top of chicken and any other herbs you may like also spray with fry light again :) 
  8. Place in oven on 180-200 for about an hour 
  9. Serve with potatoes, rice, slimming world chips, whichever you prefer :) I made baby potatoes and lots of veg with mine! 

Price of meal: 

Chicken thighs: 5 for  €1.99 from Dunnes
Baby Potatoes: 97c from Dunnes
Veg: €2 from Dunnes 

Total: €4.96

This dish is so so tasty!!! And so simple to make!! It tastes so much nicer than chicken thighs with the skin on! The skin makes me so nauseous because its so greasy so this really helps take the grease away :) 
Eating healthy doesn;t have to be complicated or difficult, it's small changes to our food, such as removing skin from chicken that makes a huge difference to our diets :)  It also doesn't have to be expensive as you can see from above I have listed the price of each product and it cost under €5 for the whole meal for 4 people :) 

Hope you all enjoyed thus and if you're going to make this please let me know how you get on :) You can tweak it so much too like by adding more herbs and veg to the chicken dish! 

Google image! I don't have abs to take pics of..... yet :P 
Thank you all for reading

Until next time
Lots of love 

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