Monday, 18 January 2016

Slimming world Pancakes Recipe

Hey guys and dolls :) Welcome to my blog again for another yummy slimming world recipe for you all! This one is a huge hit in our house, Lucy loves them and gets very excited when I ask her if she wants some for brekkie on the weekends :) 

Slimming world pancakes, so who has tried them? they are so simple and quick to make!!! And again so cheap to make too! Like I stated in my last post it doesn;t have to cost you loads of money to eat healthy, small changes make a huge difference :) 


Serves: 4
Syns: 3.5 plain or 5 with 1 tsp nutella 


75g Plain Flour
2 eggs
50ml skimmed milk
1 tbsp sweetner
orange zest (optional) 
Vanilla essence (optional) 


  1. Using an electric whisk mix the eggs and milk together
  2. Sieve flour in to the eggs and milk and add the sweetener, whisk it all up. 
  3. Using a jug will make it easier to pour mixture on to pan. Use a small/medium size pan. 
  4. Spray pan with some fry light
  5. Ensure the  pan is hot before pouring some mixture on the pan, just enough to cover the pan. 
  6. Ya gotta flip them too because well they're pancakes and its the law :P 
  7. Repeat until all the pancake mixture is gone. Add some strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana, basically any fruit you like in order to get your speed and super speed foods in! And if you want a real treat 1 tbsp of nutella is 4 syns so just one tsp is only 1.5 syns :) 

Price of Meal:
Flour: €1.50 Aldi/Lidl 
Eggs: 18 med eggs €2.85 Dunnes
Skimmed milk: 1 litre .90c
Berries: normally 2 for €5 Mix n Match in Dunnes or Tesco
Total: €9.95 

So that is how simple these are !! Pancake Tuesday will be around before we know it and it is a time where we go and buy the packet stuff or pre-made pancakes but if you want to stay on plan then go with this recipe, you'll feel so much better for it! It's so much cheaper in the long run plus you have fun with the little ones :) 

Let me know your favourite fruit to have with pancakes :) 

Thanks for readong
Until next time

Lots of Love 

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