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Vichy Skincare Review

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So as most of you who follow me on social media or know me personally will know that I was spoilt rotten this Christmas by my one and only! So apart from everything else that he bought me he also got me some amazing Vichy skin care which I have been very excited to tell you all about. So before I start obviously this post is not sponsored as it was gifted to me from my boyfriend so I am posting a genuine review like all my others on my blog :) 

Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes 

I suffer terrible with dry and irritated lashes so much! It drives me bananas!!!So I decided  I'd like to give this a try! This instantly illuminates your lashes, eye lid and contour area. It's great for anti ageing and it is the first anti ageing and lash fortifying eye serum from Vichy which contains Rhamnose and ceramides and instant light reflectors for that illuminating effect. I use it all over the eye area. It helps for lash regrowth too if you suffer from itchy, irritated eyes you'll notice that your lashes can tend to fall out from rubbing, so this is fab for regrowth. Sensitive eyes and skin can use this as it is paraben free and it is hypoallergenic too. I would highly recommend it :) 

Price: €27.99 

Where can I buy it? Most Leading Pharamcies nationwide, Boots and Ryans Pharmacy Edenderry 

Idéalia Life Serum 

I have tried so many serums in my time but this one is winning hands down for me lately, that's not to say I will be in love with another one next week (skin care  junkie over here!!!) , but right now I am just loving this one for it's illuminating power!!! So this serum is aimed at skin which is effected by stress or fatigue, skin affected by over exposure of the sun, skin affected by pollution or smoke and skin affected by an unbalanced diet! So what this does is, it gives your skin a natural glow, it refines and tightens the skin making the skin to appear younger and it is also a fab base for make up application as your skin is glowing before you put any make up on so it shines through! I use this serum in particular on the high points of my face so my cheek bones, my nose, my forehead and my chin! Any areas that I highlight basically! 

Price: €34.99

Where can I buy it? Most Leading Pharamcies nationwide, Boots and Ryans Pharmacy Edenderry 

Idéalia smoothing and illuminating Day Cream
Normal to combination skin

This moisturizer again is so soothing and gives you that natural glow we all love and want, especially in the winter months our skin gets very tired and dried out. So this cream is ideal for skin showing signs of ageing, dull and lifeless and uneven skin texture. This cream is enriched with an ingredient called Kombucha which is a powerful tea extract used to smooth skins texture and improves radiance. I have quite combination skin, my skin is very changeable and even more so during the winter it can go from dry to oily and back again. I am loving this one at the moment. Again anything for that glow right? 

Price: €26.99

Where can I buy it? Most Leading Pharamcies nationwide, Boots and Ryans Pharmacy Edenderry 

So overall I am absolutely loving this Vichy range and  would highly recommend  it to anyone looking to boost their skin with anti ageing ingredients too. They say from about 18 years up we should start using anti ageing ingredient products to help refine lines and wrinkles from the onset. Especially nowadays with how our diets can be and living in Ireland we don't exactly get the best weather so I would definitely recommend using them earlier rather than later. 

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Have you tried any of the Vichy products? if so let me know your thoughts ? Or are they products that you would like to try? let me know :D Also if your on SnapChat come say hi and have the lols :D Over there you'll find me sharing beauty tips and fave products, daily makeup and skincare products used and now with it being Healthy buzz January I am sharing some healthy recipes too!  

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  1. I tried Vichy about 8 years ago and it didn't go with my skin at all, so I'm always nervous to try their stuff again! This was a great post Grainne, your boyfriend is so generous! Xx

  2. Oh no Erin that's so annoying ! It def doesn't agree with everyone's skin , I have heard a few people say that and then some say it's the only one they can use so
    It def can be hit or miss! :) thanks for reading huni! And yep hes so good isn't he ! :) I'm
    A lucky gal xxx