Friday, 26 June 2015

Cocoa Brown Gradual tan - Review

Hey all you beauts!!! how are ya all doing?? I have been so so busy with life lately!! All good though so I shall not complain :) However I do apologise for my lack of blogging the past few weeks, sometimes life does just get in the way, but thank you all for sticking with me :D :D 

So Firstly while we're talking Cocoa Brown I was just want to congratulate Marissa Carter on the massive success The tanning brand has done in the US since Kylie Jenner shared her photo on Instagram :) The whole country went crazy for it and it sold out in the US !! Absolutely amazing and such a great achievement for the company and especially being an Irish company too, always nice for our little island to get the recognition it so well deserves at times.

Anyhoodles. Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan..... What can I say?? Only that I am super impressed with it and it is amazing!!!!!!! It goes on just like a moisturiser and you can use your bare hands as it does not stain them :) you can see it go on too which just makes the whole tanning process so much easier as you can see patches you might miss, etc.. It has a lovely smell to it too, which always helps I think :) So the tan comes up after just one layer in less than an hour after you put it on. So I put it on rushing one morning and it literally came up so quick. I was so happy with this as I was honestly expecting it to take a day or 2 before I would see  visible results. It didn't leave my legs with any irritation or prickly heat rash, which I have gotten from previous gradual tans before. AND it comes in the Cocoa Browns infamous pink bottle which is just so eye catching and girly and pretty aaaaand I love it!!! As you can see from the pictures below the tan goes on so evenly and not at all streaky! Also it is such a natural looking tan which is a massive plus for me as I hate oompa loompa tan!!! 

After just one application.

So this tan gets a HUGE thumbs up from me!!! It can be purchased in most shops and pharmacies Nationwide including Penneys, for just a little of just  €5.99!!! Such a bargain!!! It can also be purchased from your local Ryan's Pharmacy :)

 If you're not following Cocoa Brown Tan already on Facebook, you can check them out here  and they're on Instagram here :) 

So thank you all for reading!
Until next time 

Lots of Love

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