Friday, 5 June 2015

Penneys Haul- Take a look what's inside :)

Hi everyone :) hope you're all are having a lovely Friday and have a fab weekend too :) 
So I met up with my lovely bestie and co blogger Bev yesterday in Athlone, we went for a  hot chocolate (bev had an iced coffee) in Costa and had a great little natter before heading to Penneys where we laid our soul bare haha! I love the feeling I get when I'm going in to Penneys, it's literally like what a child is like when they see the playground, Penneys is  every girls playground :P 


So I'm just going to dive right in there and tell you what I got! So starting off I made my way to the Home-wares section where I wanted to pick up a few bits for mine and Lucy's room as we have again swapped rooms !! So I spotted this 3 canvas picture with the saying Live Laugh Love written on it in such pretty colours I just couldn't resist, and it was only like €5!!!!  Bargain!! 

Next I couldn't resist these lovely little pieces with nice positive quotes written on them too. The heart shaped one saying "Dream Big was only €1.50 and the black one was only €3!! again more bargains! And such nice little touches for a bedroom :) 

So I want Lucy's room to be as cute and as girlie as possible :P So I spotted this gorgeous little pink princess cushion, however Bev insisted on buying it for her little pal Lucy! So thank you so much Bev! Lucy loves it and it goes perfect in her princess room :) it was only €5 too and it has a little TuTu on it... adorable!!!! 

So I finally got myself one of the coffee/tea cups! I had to go for the one with the butterflies on it as most of my people will know I am obsessed with butterflies! They're just so girlie and pretty and I loved how this cup looked! So seen as I am on the road alot lately I thought this would be ideal to have my coffee in! Its's very secure and it even has a silicone heat protector around it so you don't burn your hands. This was only €3 :) 


So as most of us girls know the Make up in Penneys is so cheap and cheerful!! and I seen during the week on From Matte to Metallic's snap chap that they found foundation sticks for just €3 and they recommended using them for cream highlight and contour!! So that is exactly why I bought them!!! I can't wait to try these out and review them for ye :) And apparently they're a dupe for the Smash-box contour sticks!! how amazing!! I also came across these new face masks that I hadn't seen before, one is a softening brightening creamy mask, then a Vitalising & Nourishing Skin Recovery Mask, these were both only €1 and then some Nose Pore Strips with Aloe Vera for only €1.50, So I am really looking forward to using these and letting you know how they go :) And last but not least in the beauty section I couldn't resist these nails for only €1.50 each, Pretty purple and the the pretty green and pink design nails!! Such bargains!!! 


So the accessories in Penneys has been impressing me so much lately!!! Especially their festival bits!! I wish I was going to a festival so I could buy it all! 
So I am loving the layered necklaces they are doing and they are so so cheap and are just fab! this one I got I thought was very cute and quite dainty and it was only €3!!

The Sunnies!! I love these sunglasses I dunno why but every time I go in to Penneys I have to buy a pair!!! they're only €3 and I always leave the house without sunglasses so now I  have a pair in my car, one in my room and one in the kitchen.... ya know.. just in case I forget them haha!! Not many sunglasses suit me but these just fit so right on my face and I love the design on the side, they remind me of River Island sunglasses! 

 Next I got these cute little green earrings for only €1.50, I thought they would go nice with the green and pink nails :P all about colour co-ordination :P

Next I got This cute little head piece,

I actually got one a while ago but it broke because I let a heavy bag fall on it but I liked it that much I just had to get another one and it was only €3, It funks up any outfit or hair do :)

 Hair clamps, Now that my hair is shorter I find it so hard to do things with my hair that I could have done when it was longer so I picked up a 2 pack for just €1.50 so I can finally try do something with my hair other than the usual pony tail or bun :P And last but not least in Accessories I had to get the ear cuff!!! I just love ear cuffs and have seen some really nice ones around! This one was only €3!! love it!!


So Obviously I couldn;'t go to Penneys and not get some clothes! I didn't over do it on the clothes this time round as I'm at that stage again where I am on a mission to lose weight so I refuse to buy clothes in a bigger size because then I'll just never lose the weight  :P So I picked up these 2 little tops I thought would be nice with denim shorts, jeans or comfy trousers, the white one was only €5 and the navy stripy one was only €6. I really liked them and I think they're something you could dress up or down :)  They have them in lots of different colours and designs too :) 

I was soooo happy with this bargain find!! So I went to the sale rail not expecting to  find much as most of the sale stock is gone now but I came across this gorgeous pastel green denim jacket for only €5, needless to say I whipped it up!! It's only a size 8, it fits but not as nicely as I want it to so it's my little motivation to get in to it comfortably :P 

And last but not least on my Penneys haul, I really did save the best for last on this one!!! How adorable is this little Minnie Mouse denim playsuit for Lucy??? I seen it and just could not resist!!! I could just see her running around in it with her bouncy curly red hair and I fell in love with it instantly!! it was €14 which I thought was quite expensive especially since she'll only wear it for a short time but I thought , feck it she deserves it :) 

So there you have it, that's  my Penneys haul! All these items were purchased in the Golden Island Shopping centre in Athlone :) Hope you all seen something you might like or got some inspiration from :) If ye have any of the above items please share in the comments below or on any of my social media links below :D 

Thank you all for reading 
Until next time

Lots of Love 

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