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Envy Organica- Insight shampoo Review

"We do not inherit the EARTH from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" 

EnvyOrganica is an innovative distribution company specialising in the sale and distribution of prestige natural, organic and niche brands for skincare haircare, body-care and associated lifestyle products in Ireland. 

Hello everyone :) Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend, despite the weather !! :( 
So I received some lovely blogger mail a few weeks ago from the lovely Eaven Webb from Envy Organica. Eaven got in touch with me and was absolutely lovely and so friendly. So she checked with me first what kind of shampoo would be my preference rather than trying something that just wouldn't work for my hair. So I suffer so badly with dry/flaky scalp, it tends to come when I am stressed more so and  it's something that I always seem to have lately. I have tried everything to get rid of it but nothing was working !!! So when Eaven contacted me I jumped at the chance to try these amazing products I have heard so much about and explained to her what my hair needs etc. So Eaven sent me on some insight shampoo and treatment for dandruff.  

 It was packaged lovely with a business card and a nice little quote which I have quoted under the title above. It's little touches like that that really attract me to products and companies and it really makes them stand out that little more :) . So my first impressions when I opened the box I thought the bottles looked very medicated. I was a  little nervous about smelling them but to my surprise the shampoo in particular smelled absolutely gorgeous, really fresh smell and had a hint of like a cologne kind of smell to it. I really like it. It also comes with a pump which is great as you don't waste any of the product. The hair/scalp treatment comes in a small bottle with a small eye dropper which makes it easy to apply the treatment to the scalp. 

  I have been using these products for the past 3 weeks or so, I wanted to put them to good use and ensure that they really do work so I could give a 100% honest review. I have to say though I am so impressed with these products. After the first wash I could already see and feel results. My scalp was visibly clearer  and wasn't itchy at all. I couldn't believe it. So I continued using the products and it continued to work. I was so happy I just had to email Eaven and tell her how happy I was with the products. Something I don't normally do before my review is already up but I felt like I had to just thank her and let her know how amazing these products really are. 

So I literally just pump a small bit of the shampoo in to my hand and massage it in to wet hair, ensuring I get it deep in to my scalp. I then ensure it is rinsed thoroughly before using the treatment. When all the shampoo is rinsed I then get the hair treatment in to the eye dropper and squeeze it out on to my scalp and rub it in all over my scalp. Now this gives a kind of tingling sensation but it is absolutely fine. You leave this in your hair and do not rinse it out. That's all there is to it and straight away you will see a massive difference. I am so happy with how my hair has turned out after using these products. I will definitely be purchasing more of them when they run out and I highly recommend that you give them a try out too. The best part is that they are so affordable. For a 500 ml bottle it's only €7.50 or for the 1000ml bottle it is only €10.50, speciality products for hair loss and dandruff are a little bit more expensive but they are so worth it and lets face it for the amount you get in the bottle and the amount you'll use over a long period of time they really aren't that expensive at all. These products and so much more can be bought on the website here !! You can also find EnvyOrganica on Facebook and also Insight shampoo are on Facebook here, So go check them out and give them a like too :) 

excuse the brows and the face!!!

Apart from it clearing my scalp up, I also noticed how shiny my hair has gotten since  using the shampoo and treatment. It looks so much healthier and fuller too. :) I can safely say I am a very happy customer. Thank you so much again EnvyOrganica and Insight shampoo  for coming in to my life :) Thank you for letting me try out your wonderful products :) You have gained a customer for life :) 

Thanks for reading everyone

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