Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Alex and Ani Charm Bracelets

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So I am doing  a review on one of my favorite jewelry brands out there right now!! Alex and Ani have 100's of different style charm bracelets and they are such a nice gift idea for a loved one or even if you just want to treat yourself! Their price range is from 30e to 63e.You can purchase them online from www.Arnotts.ie or from most jeweler retailers and department stores around the country. The best thing about these bracelets I find is that they can be so personal and meaningful. There is such a wide variety of choice to choose from, from favourite sayings or quotes to birthstones to just crazy designs you might like :) They are the perfect gift for birthdays, Mothers Day, Valentines day or a just to be nice kind of day :)  They come in different colours too, you can choose from silver, gold, rose gold, leather and more. You can wear them with anything at all. I hate leaving the house without mine :) Another great thing about these is that they come packaged so beautifully with a meaningful message inside for each individual bracelet.These little message cards are a great little keepsake. :)
mc-alex-and-ani-mom-backFullSizeRender (1)
My boyfriend has bought me 5 so far and I am hooked on them, I just think they are fab! i have 3 from my daughter Lucy, 2 for Christmases and one for Mothers Day. I also have two from my boyfriend himself one with my favorite quote "Everything happens for a reason" which he got me for a "being nice kind of day" :P and another he got me for Valentines day and its two lovebirds (go on you can say it... awwwww :P ) (see pics left)
Alot of A-List celebs are wearing them too including the likes of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.so you know how it goes, If all the celebs are doing it ...... :) Happy shopping everyone :)selena alex and ani
taylor alex and ani
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