Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Review- Babyliss Secret Hair Curler

Hi guys so today I am reviewing the famous Babyliss curler "curl secret". Keep reading to see my results from using this curler and also learn how to use it :) Enjoy xxx
If you are looking for a quick way to curl your hair in less than 20 minutes without the hassle of twisting and pulling your hair and also burning your fingers or the side of your face in the process of doing so, well then this is the curler for you!! My first impressions when i opened this curler was "my god" its very futuristic looking and a little bit intimidating but its very pretty purple so that makes up for everything haha! It's light in weight so your arm/hand doesn't get tired while it curls your hair. It comes with a nice little bag to pack it away in, a heat resistant cover and instructions. If you're anything like me i never have patience to read instructions so i literally just started using it and it was so easy. it can be a little bit tricky at first, getting to hold it right and making sure you put the hair in the correct place but its only trial and error!  So my boyfriend actually got this for me in Boots in Athlone for christmas (i know, i was spoilt rotten this christmas!!!) and he paid 159.99 euro for it :/ and i think a week later it was reduced to like 149.99... but sssh i didn't tell him :P However i think it may be back up to full price again in Boots but it is 154.99 in Argos and you can also buy it for only 129.99 at www.SamMcCauley.com so it seems to vary in price a lot so definitely shop around. I have to say though if i was to buy this myself i would pay full price for it! I think its the best thing since sliced bread. This is coming from  a girl who has used GHD, a curling wand, a trésemme hair straightener/curler, curling tongs, you name it I have tried them and none of them compare to this!! It just makes life that little bit easier if you want to go out and curl your hair it can be done in less than 20 minutes, that's a huge deal in a woman's life right?
So how it works. You need to ensure that there is absolutely no products in your hair not even dry shampoo or anything so if you tend to suffer from greasy hair then wash it before you use it but if not then I would suggest washing it the night before you're going to curl it as I feel I get better results for curling the day after i wash it. So turn the curler on by sliding the on/off switch to the left, there are 2 settings one for hot and one for very hot (i'm not great at technical terms) so I slide my one to the very hot setting as I get better results with this one as my hair is quite thick and long, if you have thin hair I would probably suggest using the hot setting. There is also 3 timer settings on it with an audio beep indicator for different curl effects. Now be warned ladies if you wear hair extensions i would suggest NOT to use this curler as you may never see your beautiful extensions again!!! So after you have decided what setting you want and what heat you would like separate your hair (as shown below ) taking a section of your hair place it in to the curl chamber, close and hold it, the hair will be sucked in the the curl chamber, wait for 4 quick beeps and then release the curler. you will get a curl like the bottom picture. So just keep doing what you do all over your hair let the curler do all the work and enjoy having beautiful free flowing curls with long lasting effects. I also find that i prefer the curls the next day, they stay in so well even overnight and are even nicer the next day :)
On/off switch. Heat setting                       Seperate your hair                                   get a section of hair
curler 6curler 22curler 21
curler 1curler 4
place it in the curl chamber     voila curly hair !!  
curler 5
                                                   result: started at 8.54 and was finished by9.05  
So that's pretty much all there is to it! I would highly recommend this to anybody who loves having curly hair without the hardship and effort! Its an amazing curler! Babyliss have done me proud on this one :) So thank you all for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know if any of ye have this already or are going to get it. Until next time xxxx
Lots of Love

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