Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Chocolate Box Jewellery by Angela Burns

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So this time I want to share with you, amazing hand made jewelry by Angela Burns. Angela is based in Rhode Co.Offaly Ireland. Taking a step in to her shop is like travelling back to Victorian times as I was blown away by her display of 100's of fabulous unique. vintage handmade jewelry. The jewelry is handmade by Angela herself and as you can see from the pictures below this lady is extremely talented and meticulous in her work. 10945693_835116713196026_5062148072981319473_n
Large Victorian Lockets priced at just 25euro each
One of Angela's beautiful jewellery displays 10917892_832635850110779_1346750895388619037_n
10488322_730477663659932_279135471620396088_n.some beautiful bridal jewelry, old pearls, cameos and glass in Victorian style settings
Angela's Vintage style jewelry is made with genuine vintage glass and cameos and can be bought for the perfect gift for every occasion. There is no doubt that there is something suited for everybody no matter what your taste may be. There are lots of different designs, styles and colours to choose from. Her jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, rings, broaches, lockets, bracelets and more. she has some beautiful matching sets to choose from. They are all very reasonably priced too. Angela also holds competitions on her Facebook page and recently i won a pair myself  and I was absolutely delighted, for one thing i never ever win anything but also because I am a huge fan of Angela's work and well i am quite in love with her stunning jewelry. Your purchased jewelry also comes packaged in a beautiful little gift bag with a beautiful business card. Its so tastefully and professionally presented.
the beautiful earrings i won 1606940_10152993890084015_6755660202575589477_n
Stunning yellow Moonstone matching bracelet and ring set. Ring 15e. Bracelet 20e10474897_718499011524464_1438612728411647603_n
You can also purchase gift cards from Chocolate Box Jewelers and again even the gift cards are so beautifully presented with a vintage style and beautiful floral and butterfly pattern..
If you could like to contact Angela from Chocolate Box Jewellers to make an appointment to view this fabulous range of vintage antique jewllery or for any queries you can do so via facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chocolate-Box-Jewellery-by-Angela-Burns.
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