Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Review Of Argan Oil Hair Treatment :)

FullSizeRenderSo here is my first review on my blog page!! how exciting :) :) AND its a positive one too so even better!!!!! :D  So i bought this little bottle of Argan Oil hair treatment from Dealz in Mullingar store about a week ago. i thought it was quite a cute little bottle and it would be handy to pop in your case/handbag if you were going away somewhere for an overnight! it was only 1.49 which is an absolute steal!!! argon oil is so so good for your hair and skin! so i washed my hair this morning using Argan shampoo and conditioner, i then towel dried my hair,  now this was a trial and error kinda thing as i had never used the product before!! so it says on the bottle to use 2-3 drops or 4-5 drops for long hair. i took only a small amount in the palm of my hand and using my fingertips i brushed it from the roots down to the tips of my hair! i then sprayed soem Argan  heat defense spray and started to blow dry my hair. I was so happy with the final result as my hair was shiny, full and just had a bit more oomph in it! (can be seen in the pics below)! I didn't have to even put a straightener through it after drying it as i normally would have to as my hair can be quite frizzy, but i just found this rehydrated and de-frizzed my hair!! delighted with it and would highly recommend !!!
thanks for reading everyone :)
Grá xxxx

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